What Exactly is “Good” Design?

Q. What is the key to having everything look, “all together”, and keeping the cost down?

A. Next to the Word of God, I am most passionate about design. I love to decorate, dress up, and even draw and paint. Creativity is a second language to me- including  getting creative with the cost! The best way to keep your cost “down”, and still bring together a polished look- is to settle on a color scheme… right away!

“Begin your design with a color palate in mind. Our colors in the living room are consistently shades of blue, green and brown.”

Good Design, it’s a Part of the Package

The Bible calls us ladies to be “keepers of the home”, today I desire to equip you with some tricks that I have learned over the years, when it comes to design. I would like to share with you also some pictures of our home, like the one above.

“teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home…” Titus 2:4&5

“As soon as you enter our house you are faced with a chalk board painted wall. The little blue box with the star on it holds the kids (and grown-ups) chalk.”

What is “Good” Design?

  • It is in my opinion that “Good” Design is any design that make you feel.. good!
  • Good design embodies a persons persona, what makes them tick. As you can see in many of my pictures, my children are represented everywhere.
  • Good design, is comfortable and usable.

“In the living room we have stuck with blue, green and brown primarily.”

The Cost Savings of Sticking to a Color Palate

When you go into a housewares store, or even a  wherehouse store like Costco, one can easily get overwhelmed! So much to choose from, and so many places to look! It has come to my attention recently, that one can save a lot of money shopping for the home, by asking just a few simple questions…

  1. Is this something that I can use? Is it applicable (I am not so much concerned with practical)
  2. Is this something unique? Or can I find it anywhere?
  3. Does this fit in my color palate of choice?
  4. Will it last?
  5. How many of this type of item do I have already, is this going to be apart of my “collection” or is this just “more is more”?

If blue is your color palate, and when you are shopping, if you disciple your eye and your pocket book to only look for items that have blue shades or represent the ocean, then you will instinctively begin to pass on things with bright red florals, even if they are trendy or “cool.” The eye has a natural inclination to pick out items that, “do not belong” so if you are going for an “all over look” sticking with a color palate will bring things all together.

Sticking within a palate can also save you money, because now you have narrowed your options, and you are only spending time thinking about purchases that fit in. I only buy pinks, blacks and whites for the Master bedroom for example. Red and yellow accents belong in our kitchen.

“Don’t forget to anchor your rooms with blacks, or chocolate browns.”

Anchor Your Color Palate

I was really surprised when I brought home a quart of Home Depot “oops” paint, to find out that it was mushroom brown. I was glad that I tried it however, because as it turns out, it was the added sophistication that I needed in a potentially overly whimsical space. The key to having the room appear “grounded” is the use of blacks and browns. Without the “anchor” color the room could look like it was floating away.

“Small places can be great spaces.”

Small Spaces, Practical Tips

Currently, the 7 of us live within 1500 sqft. We lived once in a huge house, but even in the expansive space, we had a total lack of storage. The house we are currently in has been maximized and organized to facilitate all our families needs.

  1. When dining, try using benches to sit more than one kid at a time.
  2. Look for furniture that can do double duty, an ottoman as a toy chest for example.
  3. Select a coffee table that has a storage element, either a under table shelf or drawers.
  4. Think about using night stands as end tables.
  5. Consider purchasing reusable plastic plates for your everyday dining ware, as they can be easily washed by kids and put away by them as well.
  6. Look for an enclosed TV cabinet, hiding all of your cords and cables and videos will mean less havoc on your eyes.
  7. Consider using “bins” instead of a toy box, easily labeled so that your children can help in the clean up process.
  8. Restrict yourself to a minimum number of plates, silverware, or glasses. When you only keep 8 glasses in the cupboard, you will be forced to wash dishes more regularly!

“Fun, not fussy.”

To engage your visitors in an “ahhhhh” moment as soon as they open the door, remember that fun always trumps over fussy. Comfy couches, used (but not damaged), will cause your guests to feel at home and create in them the desire to sit. Bathrooms are the rooms that I like to call “boldrooms”, in the bathroom I explore with color and let nearly “anything” go. This little turtle reminds me daily to smile and enjoy the ride!

My Prayer Today,

Thank You Lord for Your blessings. Thank You that we can not only have things, we can choose to have beautiful things. Thank You for giving us the wisdom to understand how to put things together so that we can be comfortable and invite others into our home to relax and fellowship. Our homes are extensions of our thoughts, and I thank You Lord that we can be prosperous to think about such things. In Your Son Jesus’ name, AMEN!

God bless you friends,

Love Always,


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