A Woman’s Incredible Testimony of a Lifetime, ‘Together Again’

“As you know… we are two very different kind of people.”


What an incredible opportunity to witness and to preach God’s amazing love! I am honored that you would consider me in your talk. One of the most incredible testimonies of this year and of this lifetime did sprout directly from your ministry: the kindling of the Holy Spirit’s fire in my husband. As you know we are two very different kind of people.

I’m ambitious, quick to pull the trigger, emotional, spontaneous, authoritative, dominating…you get the picture… the tigress of the household. But I did know that my domineering personality, while it served a purpose in some circumstances, it did not serve a Godly marriage. My husband on the other hand is cool, level-headed, patient, unwavering, predictable, and easy going. Obviously, that’s quite a cocktail that God put together, and it translated to a frustrating situation where I was making all the decisions and when results didn’t come, having to accept all the blame.

“… it was not merely an issue of not submitting to my husband”

And you really, ever so gently pointed out what I knew all along, but did not act upon; and that’s allowing my husband to be the head of the household. It was difficult for me to submit to someone soooooo passive, because it felt like nothing got done. But you and Jeff showed me that it was not merely an issue of not submitting to my husband, but submitting to God Himself, and His perfect will for my life and our marriage. And you gave me the practical steps of making that Truth real in my life.

You shared things like deferring decisions to him, (even the smallest ones, ie. What color plastic cups for the party? Red or blue?), speaking authority over our situation and finding scripture to back it, seeking God for His vision & not setting my own agenda, and trusting that God will restore all the “things” we’ve “lost” in this trial & will return a double portion of it on top of the restoration…. And all of that gave me the patience and the hope that my God can and will draw out the King in my man…. And on Aug 22, 2009 My husband encountered God on a camping trip, (and) It was like a light switch just flipped on. I don’t know what exactly happened, other than God just did a work in his soul which made him hungry for the things of God.

“Since then he has been praying spontaneously, speaking against generational curses, and reading his Bible.”

Since then he has been praying spontaneously, speaking against generational curses, and reading his Bible. Then God sent two godly men in his life which has allowed him to be mentored and to mentor. Now he sets his work schedule around Bible studies and his “man meetings” in the gym. While our finances and our household issues remain as they had before… I can see God raising him up so that he can take authority in these realms. (But) I had to believe it even before I saw anything. I had to just eat the Word from the Bible and from your ministry. And just stay close to you and anyone else who had been through a season like this. And the greatest thing is that God has been working in others because of what He’s done in our lives. Three of my good friends are going through separation/divorce/abuse in their marriage and I’ve been able to share in kind what God has poured out through your ministry to me. So all around… God has weaved an amazing and beautiful testimony in all of our lives and I am so grateful. Praise God for you, Jeff, and your phone/email/text ministry!

Thanks girlfriend!

E.Felix, San Jose, Ca

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