Day 8: POWER

Today’s principle focus is on power and the recognition that comes from being aware that we operate in victory, strength, and power when we become single minded. A strong body, comes from first having a strong mind.

Scripture of the day: But everyone who believes in this raised-up Jesus is declared good and right and whole before God. Acts 13:36-39 MSG

Today’s Positive Words of Affirmation and Encouraging Words to Live By:“Today I will recognize and be thankful that all indecisiveness has been removed from my life. Today I will make decisions based on unity and purpose with the Word of God as the final say.”

Where do I see myself on a scale of 1-10 in the area of “Power”? 9

Did you know that being indecisive is not the same as being “double minded”? After all, what is better? Telling someone that you are going to do something important, and then not doing it, or telling something that you can’t do something, then change your mind anddo it anyway?

When you do something for someone, after telling them you couldn’t, you are honored. When you say you can do something, but don’t show up to do it, you disrespect yourself and show that you are indecisive and unreliable but not necessarily double minded.


Double mindedness is found in thinking that multiple things are ok and acceptable. Before we got “saved” we were all double minded…

One day, you might have thought, “There is no harm in having unprotected sex.” The next day you watch something on the news about STD’S and begin to think “Having unprotected sex is NOT ok.”

One day, you might have thought that watching horror films was ok, and that you could handle it. Then in the night as you slept and had dreams of being tortured, you might have woken up thinking, “OK, no. Horror movies are NOT ok.”

One day, before you got “saved”, you might have thought, “Smoking weed makes me feel HOT, sexy, and calm.” Then the next day, “Smoking weed gives me a headache, makes me feel sick, and costs a lot of money.”

One night you might have gone to a bar and thought, “Picking up a woman to take home, is ok, I might find “love”.” The next morning, when she walks out of the bathroom and looks nothing like she did all dressed up the night before, and now wants to move in with you… you think, “Bars are NOT the place to find a wife.”

Double mindedness is found, when you have no idea of true north or singleness of thought. You have only supposition and trial and error. Your opinions of things change from day today.

One day Vampires are evil and of the devil, the next day they are romantic and honorable. One day, staying a virgin is ok, and the next day “trying out” a partner before marriage is required…This is the type of double mindedness that gets you in trouble and makes you weak.


To be honest with you, I was bawling like a baby on my way home today. The thought that washed over me was, I DON’T HAVE MANY WAYS OF THINKING, I ONLY HAVE ONE. Do you know how powerful that is??? I hear Christians talk a lot about a “full surrender” to God, but it never really hit me, like it did in the car this morning. A full surrender means YOU ONLY HAVE ONE TRAIN OF THOUGHT. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WONDER ANY MORE. YES, IT REALLY IS BLACK & WHITE FROM NOW ON.

I call this “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, because it is like this; before I surrendered and fell in love with Jesus and the Word of God, I went back and forth. One day I was Pro-Choice, the next, Pro-Life. One day I watched Mary Poppins, the next day I watched Freddy Krueger. One day I ran a mile, the next day I smoked cigarettes. One day I paid cash, the next day I borrowed. One day I worked to make money, the next day I stole. One day I read the Bible, the next day I read Stephen King.

A lover, a true lover, a lover of your soul will say to you, “My darling, I love you. I would die for you, I would stand in front of a bullet for you. Come home with me, live with me, do things in this way, I will never hurt you and as a matter of fact, you will never have to make your own decisions ever again, I have made all the decisions for you… you are done working… FOREVER. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your life… I will do, and have done everything for you!

When I heard Jesus say this to me I begged and pleaded with Him saying, HOW, HOW, HOW? I WANT THAT! I AM TIRED! You might be asking that same question right now! I am here today to tell you (as well as remind myself), that you can have it and you can have it that way NOW! Full surrender and submitting to God and the way He does things, gives you power and strength in the sense that you will never have to make an independent decision ever again! From now on, you can read the Bible and study what Jesus says, and live by THAT decision. When the Bible becomes your final authority, and you take every decision that you have to make, and see if it lines up with the “Word”, you will EASILY be able to make all of your life decisions. No more double mindedness, NO MORE PAIN.

My Prayer Today,
Father God, I pray that You would open the eyes of Your people and reveal to them the POWER and STRENGTH that comes from making a complete surrender. That upon reading this little note they would forever think before they read, watch, decide, and act. That they would recognize the POWER that comes from being single minded, that the LOVE that you gave us wasn’t just so that we can “FEEL” good, but it was so that we could from this point on and forever “THINK” good. Show them that they can have PEACE OF MIND TODAY, simply by learning, and understanding that in You and when they live according to Your Word, THEY NEVER HAVE TO BE UNDECIDED again. Protect them against the devil and his deception that more is better. More is just more. Today I will recommit my life to the power that comes in single mindedness, and if there is anything in me that contradicts Your Word, show it to me, I want none of me…
I want ALL of You!

May God Bless you today as you become singleminded,

Love Always,


Did you know???

Andrew Carnegie, the worlds richest man in modern history, was quoted saying; “Concentrate your energies, your thoughts and your capital. The wise man puts all his eggs in one basket and watches the basket.”

The words ‘Double minded’ (james 1:8 “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”), is the Greek word “dipsychos” which literally means… ‘DIVIDED INTEREST’. You can see in dipsychos that this type of thinking and accepting multiple ways of living is ‘psychos’, or a “psychotic” train of thought. A complete surrender to one way of thinking (as outlined in the Word of God) will give you sanity, and the peace that passes all understanding. Carnegie understood this principle, and the power of a united conviction.

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