Today’s principle focus is on having and maintaining a spirit of excellence.

Scripture of the day:
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23

Today’s Positive Words of Affirmation and Encouraging Words to Live By:
“Today I will focus on having a spirit of excellence in all that I do.”


Today is my son Andrew’s birthday. As a mother of five, it is rare that I can get to the store for anything, let alone birthday presents. This morning I had planned to go to Walmart on the way home from dropping Jeff off at work to buy him a gift. Our oldest son Jeffrey was babysitting, since it was so early in the morning, and Andrew was sleeping.

I had a strict budget of $30 cash. I needed to buy some groceries as well, but it being Andrews big day, and us not having a party for him I wanted to get him something special. I was praising God all the way to the store and listening to the Christian radio station. I began focusing on expecting “God’s best”. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to buy, but I did know little guys like lots of presents!


Walking up and down the isles, I thought, “What is the best way I can spend my budget?” Right away, I picked up some cookies $2, thinking he would like them. I headed down to the toy isle and found a Lego set for 10.97$ perfect! Then I saw some Matchbox cars, $0.97 each. I picked out 5! Now I was at around $18. I then felt led to go to the T-shirt isle and find him a Toy Story T-shirt. The only one they had was 3-D (with glasses) and was $7. Ok, NOW I was at $25 and starting to sweat, because in the state of California our sales tax is very high. I took a deep breath and counted my cash again, $31. Oh boy!

I still needed to buy water, a gift bag, and some tissue paper!

Finished getting what I really wanted to get the little guy, I went and put the bottled water in the basket $4. Now the total was $28. I went next to buy a gift bag, $3 and tissue paper $1. Ok, now I was over! Oh and did I mention that by now, I was hungry?!

Tired of pacing the store isles, I stood in the middle of the store looking at the basket and thinking about what I could get rid of. I put the tissue paper back (I hadn’t left the isle). 4 year old boys don’t need cards or tissue paper. I then looked at that first box of cookies and I decided…not to buy them.


Ordinarily, I would have just left the cookies in the isle I was standing in, far away from the cookie isle. I would have jammed them in with the cards and ran in the opposite direction! (A tired mother of five thing to do!) Today however, the Lord was speaking to me about excellence. So in the spirit of excellence, I took the cookies in hand and walked them all the way back to where I had got them, across the isles. THEN I put them on the right shelf, in the front, and I even adjusted the boxes around them so that they looked “proper and excellent”. As I was doing this, the Lord told me to expect a miracle.

On my way to the check-out I sighed a sigh of relief, it felt good to be excellent. I have said before that “A spirit of excellence will always overrule poverty, politics, and oppression.” Today I was living the statement. I walked up to the cashier and began to check out.


As the lady was checking me out, expecting a miracle I thought to myself, “Boy it would be really great if I somehow would have enough money left over to buy some breakfast!” As I stood and waited for my total, the cashier said to me, “That will be 32.58$”. Oh no! I went OVER!

Gulping, I opened my purse, reached into my wallet and took out all my cash. Counting it out again this time… there was more than before! I now had in my wallet $35! I had somehow managed to have $4 more than before! In jubilation, I handed over my 33$ to pay, and I still had $2 left! Enough for a McDonald’s sandwich and coffee (which was what I really wanted)!

I held my head up high as I left the store. God had done a miracle! I am convinced that it was because I maintained the spirit of excellence, that I received a blessing. I gave my BEST, and I received God’s best.


Anybody can make money with money, but it takes a very faithful person to ask God to provide to meet your needs. When you choose to stand in faith, on budget and not borrow money, there is a spiritual transaction that happens between you and God. God begins to show you things, He gives you things, and sometimes… He buys you breakfast and a coffee!

My Prayer Today,

Father God, be with Your family. Encourage them to be excellent today. Give them the faith to see and to do things unto You. You are a great provider, friend and I thank you for the toys… and the breakfast! In Your Son Jesus’ name AMEN!

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