This Will Be My Last Article… For A While

” I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me, YOU CAN TOO.” – Jessica Heilman


Let’s get right down to it. Jesus DID NOT die on the cross so you could be a couch potato. Jesus died so that you could throw up the bile of this world, and begin drinking from the fountain of His living water. What does it mean to be a believer in Christ? It means that we look to the cross and His death and resurrection to meet and fulfill ALL of our needs according to His riches and Glory.

Jesus did not die such a gruesome, horrifying, sacrificial death so that you could be bound to pornography, sex, drugs, alcohol abuse, depression, over-indulgence, and all other perverted lusts of the flesh. Jesus’ life was given on the cross, NAILED to it to be on display in front of all mankind in LOVE, so that you could be free to FINALLY smell the roses that God created, WALK in the waters of the ocean that God designed, and BREATHE the air of eternal life. The eternal life of LOVE that ushers us into relationship with our Father, as His new born babes… FOREVER.

Look at a baby, has it sinned? Does it have any fears, inhibitions, or experiences BEYOND what it is told? NO

How is your walk… are you as a baby when comes to the things of God, crawling to Him and reaching up to Him as your parent? Trading the babbling of this nonsensical world for His Divine language? Or do you STRIDE like a man? Cocky and confident in your brashness, so sure of yourself and YOUR power that you disregard His instructions as foolishness? What can God do with a man who will not listen? NOTHING. Pride of man will leave the man to walk in his own shoes, until that man walks straight into homelessness, hopelessness, and is burdened by his pride until he is eventually minimized from existence into his own prison of forced and embarrassed humiliations. The man who will not listen, has allowed satan’s pride to drive him out of God’s bosom and into the pit of hell – a life separated from God.


I figured that if you opened this link, you were curious to hear my last words … for how long I do not now. So with you as a captive audience, I have decided to allow the message of the blood of the cross to captivate you in your curiosities of what is going on with me. It is NOT about me, it is about YOU and your relationship with CHRIST.

What is going on with me, is that I am in the process of being shaped and molded into a full time representation of an outward expression of an on fire life-style evangelism. I am a follower of Christ who has been gifted with a book given to me directly FROM GOD that needs to be finished. The finishing of this book is my new #1 priority, outside that of blessing my husband and my children. What this means to those who have enjoyed being a part of Wholehearted Ministries is no more Facebook, no more writing, no more tweeting. You have been given so many great resources… I suggest you use them! I will be back, but as a new person. An achiever of a goal that has taken a lifetime to reach. There is a good work to be done with my life, and I intend to do it. Jesus the Christ died for me- SO I DON’T HAVE TO. I am His, and as my Lover of my soul- He is instructing me that, “Now is the time! I can do no more service writing to the likes of man, when I have a manuscript intended for the Nations.”


I ask you for NOTHING out of this; no offering’s, no donations, no prayers. NOTHING. ALL I expect is that your heart would read these words as my final send-off, and that you would correct any sinful behavior and take it to the cross. Allow the blood of Jesus into your veins and let Him mold you and conform you to His perfect WILL. Whatever you are dealing with, is what you are suffering from. For a sin that has been kept, is a sin that incubates. Choose to live free today friends, confess your sin- repent to Christ and begin living like a baby in the sight of the Father, He only has His perfect LOVE in store for you.

God bless you my friends,

Jessica Heilman
1165 Lincoln Blvd STE 150,
San Jose, Ca 95155-8687
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