The Lord is HERE

“I have to get to the point of the absolute and unquestionable relationship that takes everything exactly as it comes from Him. God never guides us at some time in the future, but always here and now. Realize that the Lord is here now, and the freedom you receive is immediate.” – Oswald Chambers

The Lord is HERE

Last night as I was going to bed, I was reading in Joshua about when the Israelites crossed the river Jordan. The priests had been instructed to carry the Ark of the Covenant into the middle of the Jordan and stand there until all of the people had crossed over it. Those who were chosen were than asked to go and pick twelve stones from the middle of the dry Jordan, than were asked to build a memorial to the Lord in remembrance of their crossing.

“The people came up out of the Jordan on the tenth day of the first month. They set up camp at The Gilgal (The Circle) to the east of Jericho. Joshua erected a monument at The Gilgal, using the twelve stones that they had taken from the Jordan. And then he told the People of Israel, “In the days to come, when your children ask their fathers, ‘What are these stones doing here?’ tell your children this: ‘Israel crossed over this Jordan on dry ground.’” Joshua 4:19-22 MSG



Are You Praying to SEE God, or See Like God?

It can seem strange to us to think about how the Israelites got to “see” God. (While no man has ‘seen’ God, this statement is instead in reference to the various physical representations of God) During the development of the nation of Israel, the Lord went to great lengths as in the cases of the Ten Commandments, the Ark, the stone Altars, and even circumcision to visibly remind the Israelites and to represent to the Israelites who God was. I believe many Christian’s today are looking to “see” God, when in reality having something to see and call ‘God’ is not nearly as desirable as the gift of being ABLE to see as God sees. While God had given the Israelites physical representations of His majesty to look to, He has given us as believers and receivers of His Son Jesus the eyes of the Holy Spirit to look through, if we choose to.


God is not in a Box

No, God is not in a box, nor can He be contained! There is no more need for physical representation in order to feel or be in His presence! He is in YOU! He is Jehovah Shammah, always present!

Just think about how easy it is for us now to be able to see good vs. evil, right vs. wrong! Since the day of Pentecost when Our Father sent us the Holy Spirit, we who have received such baptism can easily see the way God sees! Instead of a forest full of fear, we can now see an opportunity to go camping! Instead of an ocean of turbulence we can decide to go surfing! Instead of barriers in the sky, keeping us low to the ground- we create airplanes and can now grow mechanical wings and fly! It is so much better to have the Holy Ghost! Jehovah Shammah! The Lord is PRESENT!

Today I pray that you would be filled with the Holy Ghost, and that you may be so filled to overflowing that the Lord would begin to speak through you. If you have never spoken in unknown tongues, may you begin rejoicing in the Lord NOW! The Father has given you His Comfort, His Spirit so that you don’t “have to” see something tangible… you GET to see all things through a God ordained vision and the old ways of looking at things is GONE, behold all things are NEW! May your situation be made NEW!


  • Jehovah Shammah appears in the Old Testament 1 time and in 1 verse in the Bible
  • Eze 48:25
  • Jehovah Shammah is known also as a symbolic name for Jerusalem

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