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As many of you know, a few months ago as I was lying in bed, an idea came to my mind. I had just finished reading through Priscilla Shires study book on Gideon and Malcolm Gladwell’s book David & Goliath. It was as if God was CHALLENGING me to “do something different”… be “unique”.

It was at that moment that I began wondering what would happen if… instead of posting on Facebook, twitter, blogs and what not – I held back all my micro thoughts and bursts of emotional whit & whimsy and instead wrote about my experiences every night and then published an “episode” every week? BRILLIANT!

As a writer you see, social media can be very limiting and scary. You want me to write the Declaration of Independence in 140 characters or less? ARE U KDING ME? (I can’t even shorthand type right when I don’t need to!) In response to this, the One Week Wonder was conceived.

But writing about my life on a weekly basis is pretty boring. Doesn’t everyone have six kids, run a couple of businesses, homeschool, marry a dreamer and live in 1000 sqft? Yup. It’s drab. What I need is more of a challenge!

When you begin following The One Week Wonder, you will find that I am just an ordinary girl trying to do extraordinary things in order to motivate a couple of people to think different. I am a friendly type who would much rather have a cup of coffee than burn it out on the treadmill, I would rather watch TV than read 100 pages in a book, and I would definitely rather eat bon-bons and go shopping than write daily what sometimes takes me up to 2 hours to do. I do these things anyway however, because I am compelled to change the world… one … word … at … a … time. (I typed that to sound dramatic – I really just love what I do)


I am SO happy with the way book #2 came out I want to send it to you (pdf/google doc) for free! Here is the description:

The I Wonder What Would Happen If… eBook series is a collection of EASY READ mini -“e”- Books that are intended to encourage and inspire readers to positively try new things. In this weeks book, Jessica Heilman has explored the trials and triumphs of exercising with six children, what it means to persevere, and in addition the book also features six absolutely AMAZING athletes that have overcome the loss of limbs, mental handicaps and other hardships to become the BEST in their fields.

Through the author’s personal experiences, Jessica Heilman explores subjects like: health, fitness, wellness, wealth, religion, psychology, marriage, and family on a weekly basis. She is also a speaker, blogger, and artist who has recently changed all of her social media titled occupations to “FRIEND.”

Jessica is a homeschooling mother of six children, wife of 18 years, and is the Founder of Wholehearted Ministries out of San Jose, California.

If you are interested in receiving a FREE copy of my book just send me a note to my email: and I will be happy to send you a copy! I do not share, publish or send out spam. I just need an address to send the ebook to, and would like to be here for your personally if you need to talk. I am blessed to be able to send it to you and will always send out this week – WEEK 2 out for free to anyone who asks for it.

Here is to a BLESSED day and a whole new life!
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Jessica Heilman is the mother of six children ages 16-1, lives in San Jose, California and has been married to Jeff Heilman for nearly 18 years. You can read their marriage testimony here at: We Decided to Get Married on Our First Date!





YES. I actually keep a picture of an “in your face” lime green Lambo taped by Washi tape on my wall above my computer. To those who strive for piety, this is SHOCKING for those who have a morbid fascination with the despondent of humanity… you aren’t shocked at all (you were probably hoping for a severed limb or something). I call it shocking because to a mom of six, an IN YOUR FACE LAMBO is the complete opposite of a Toyota Sienna, and frankly it inspires me.


Back in my MLM days we were promised that if we surrounded ourselves with pictures of material possessions we would one day get them. 10 years ago I had pictures of Ferrari’s, airplanes, golf courses, and mega-mansions all over the place. Unfortunately though I had been mislead, and no matter how hard I “meditated” on a Ferrari our 1986 Volvo just didn’t transform. This type of materialistic wishful thinking only made me mad, bitter, and frustrated. I can remember seriously CRYING driving through nice neighborhoods looking at open houses – and not being able to buy them. It wasn’t long before I was surrounded by clean wall squares in place of vividly colored material imagery.


When I received the message on “wholeness” and began preaching on it, wanting material things – JUST FOR THE SAKE OF HAVING THEM – became moot. After all, when you have Jesus in your heart you don’t need for anything! A WHOLE human being realizes as a new creation that even their SPIRIT is lacking nothing. Let me remind you before we go on… YOU ARE WHOLE, CHRIST HAS MADE YOU WHOLE YOU DON’T “NEED” STUFF.

So why the fancy things again… what has changed?

My Wall



How does one use material items as motivation in the correct way? Through inspiration! OH how that Lambo inspires me! It is like all of the most talented engineers in the automotive industry came together and designed the perfect sports car, and I get to look at it! It inspires me to write a little better, design a little broader, and reach a little further. the simple truth: SURROUNDING YOURSELF BY THE BEST MOTIVATES YOU TO BE YOUR BEST.

I carry a LV “handbag” and I am not ashamed of it. Could the price of it feed the hungry? YES. Do I feed the hungry? YES. Currently we as a corporation give to 10+ selected benefactors, more than one of these feed the homeless. What I found with this bag is that when I “wear” it… I dress nicer, think clearer, stand taller, and read more success thinking type books. Funny how I never used to do that with my Target purses, sweaty old yoga pants seemed to be “ok”. (And my business suffered for it!)

Am I materialistic? I don’t think so… not at all. I like to think I am INSPIRED. LIFE IS HARD. When you are focused on personal growth, success and serving others you are working FULL TIME.

What is easy? Drifting. Drifting is easy. “Going with the flow” and letting life run away from you – that’s easy. “Materialistic” people are people who do what THEY HATE to do for a living, just to buy stuff. Today I DO WHAT I LOVE TO DO and since I am just an “up start” this comes with a heavy price. Lack of sleep, fast food, no time off, and lack of sleep (oh wait did I already mention that?). NO… the Lambo doesn’t motivate me to go out and get an MBA or a job as a Corporate Lawyer or Tax Attorney, it INSPIRES me to make an improvement here – a small change there. I become in turn more productive, and more successful. With this success I am inspired to GIVE more. That’s how it works.

So what inspires you?


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