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It’s Been Too Long!


Self Portrait



It has been three months since I blogged last, and I am feeling like a heel! As a matter of fact I had to dump 6,000+ emails from the “” email today! What a whirlwind! It’s not that live has ended – it has actually only begun!

With the birth of our sixth child to be candid with you, I fought depression with work. Creating, building, anxiously checking Facebook for all things profitable… but in this frantic need to overwhelm postpartum childbirth with activity alot of positive things have happened! I finished my book, started a new company, lost 40 pounds, began ghost writing for a felow blogger, and have been on the whole “knee deep” in activities. (You can check out my new company at some of the most creative work I have ever done and GROWING)

I knew I was fighting “depression” because it was all out WAR on my flesh to not be saddened at the completion of our six child dream. We had always wanted six, prayed for six, and after 16 years the vision manifested. Now what?!


So what’s next then? This blog has been running for over six years! I have had countless ministry oppurtunities and have been blessed to give others HOPE in Jesus. That JESUS is ENOUGH. I would like to keep blogging here on subjects that are of a more spiritual nature. My new blog is specifically designed to focus on family, food, and my day to day life as a writer and designer. This blog, this one is where I freely get to talk about JESUS and I love it – I couldn’t possibly get rid of it!

I want you to know that I love the readers of this blog very much, I haven’t forgotten about you and while I am still venturing out and doing other things to add to “The Whole Heart Art Creative Company founded by Wholehearted Ministries” … You are on my heart and my mind forever!

Till we chat again…

All my love,