Put Your Success on Cruise Control and ENJOY THE RIDE

He that hasteth to be rich [hath] an evil eye, and considereth not that poverty shall come upon him. Proverbs 28:22


It seems like an epidemic really, blood bought Christians running around impatiently awaiting the “BIG PAYOUT”, some end-time Glory deposit from the sky that in their minds should just magically appear! Maybe today? Maybe tomorrow?… And yet still it never seems to come. Bills are still due, debt is still there, and every other lacking thing barks as loud as the day before! What is this? WHY DOES WEALTH SEEM TO TAKE SO LONG?


Yesterday, as I was driving to the museum with two of my five children in the car, I was leading my Grandmother to where we needed to go. She was in a van behind me, and as a conscientious driver, I obeyed all the traffic rules and drove what I considered to be “slow” so that she could successfully keep up with me. It was as I was “cruising” that I felt totally relaxed (much like on autopilot) , controlled and safe. It was also at this time that the Lord showed me that our successes in life, in order for them to be truly GREAT are meant to take time- so that ALL others can follow us!


Think about that for a moment… let that last thought sink in.

What is success if we could not teach others how to succeed along with us? What is success without some form of duplication? As I was driving, obeying all the traffic laws and speed limits two things were happening:

  1. I was able to totally relax and enjoy being in “the moment”. Going slowly I was able to smell the air, soak in the sun, feel confident in my leadership capabilities and just COAST. (This is contrary to the ordinary LET’S JUST GET THERE ALREADY!)
  2. The car behind me could successfully get to their destination, thus creating a successful environment for not just ONE car… but TWO.


Today’s word is for those who are hastening to be rich. GO GO GO! Has been your motto for WAY too long. Have you ever stopped to think, “Is GO GO GO! Duplicatable?” Perhaps the very key to “success” in your life is not in how quickly you can go from poor to rich, but in how many people you can lead to success along the way!

ENJOY the process, obey the Biblical rules of success, follow the Master in His “Lead car”… Jesus had a caravan of at least 12! Shouldn’t we?

God Bless you my friends as you begin the process of slowing down and setting success on cruise control!

If you are in need of prayer, you can always reach me at jessica@wholeheartedministries.com. We agree with you the the Lord has His will, purpose and plan for your life! If you have never completely surrendered or asked Jesus to be your Lord and savior, invite Him in today- you will never be the same! “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Cor 5:17

CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA! Jessica Heilman the winner of the Taffi Dollar 2011 RADI Award  for her video entry in representation of living a radical and redefined life in Christ. You can learn more about this award and watch her WINNING video HERE.

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