“Behold, the LORD’S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:” Isaiah 59:1


I believe in miracles, do you? At the moment while I am writing this… my children are screaming, air punching, cleaning up their rooms and doing a myriad of things to distract me! Writing this in itself, is a miracle!

I often get asked, “How do you hear from God?” I think this is what those who are not Christians find the most curious aspect of Christianity. “Does He sound like Sean Connery when He talks? Is there a burning bush? Does He sound like my own voice? Is hearing from God just a feeling?” All good questions!


When Jeff and I had no money (watch this weeks episode of The Word Works!), and we were having to trust God for our next meal (literally!) we dug in the Word in order to clearly hear from God. That really is the key, understanding HOW God communicates. What reading the Word does is gives us the knowledge of what His voice sounds like to us. For example, if you weren’t reading the Word to know that stealing was bad, you might think that robbing a bank was a good idea. After all, it gets your needs met right? Hollywood sure makes it glamorous to be a Villain! But stealing goes against the Word, it puts into action penalties of justice both with man AND God… so God would never “tell” you to steal. Instead maybe while you are driving along the road you might get in your spirit an idea to start a new company, build a new product, or work with someone you know. Are those three things legal? Do they take faith? Does God approve of them? Then chances are you have had a God-to-man moment and you should roll with it! In order to be confident in your execution of God ideas – you have to KNOW what He sounds like! Reading the Word is like a God Translator… it’s AWESOME!

This blog, this website, and the videos we produce have all been results of moments spent in prayer hearing from God with a heart to witness to others. I love what I do, even when there is chaos in the midst! It is a miracle, to me, that God could use me to influence others to live fear free, and to begin a wholehearted life! God is so GOOD! Study Him, study His Word and start hearing from Him today!

Watch this weeks episode of The Word Works! And hear a miraclous story from Jessica:

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