Merry Christmas! What’s Holding You Back?

Jeffrey & Joseph Heilman spreading Christmas cheer door-to-door

No More Being Held Back

What’s holding you back from achieving your dreams? What’s holding you back from being bold and on fire for why God made you? I certainly hope your answer is NOTHING !

  • If you have a voice, USE it
  • If you have vision, LOOK with it
  • If you have mobility, MOVE it
  • If you have a heart, LOVE with it
  • If you have a mind, THINK about it
  • If you desire to do better, IMPROVE yourself
  • If you desire intimacy, PRAY about it…

The only thing that it takes to change, is making the decision to change, it is that simple. Except for ONE thing… decisions are like beds, they NEVER stay done. You have to make quality decisions daily, if you want to life a quality life. This year so much has changed for us, I have had to rely on my past decisions and trust that they were the right ones, and you know what – they where.


Let Today’s Decision Become Tomorrow’s Vision

Back in 2008, our boys started a cookie selling business of sorts. Joseph my son asked me if he could sell the cookies I had just made door-to-door. I shrugged my shoulders (mainly to get him to stop asking me) and said, “ok.” We set up a price point per cookie and out the door he  and his brother went (they were 8 & 11 at the time). In 25minutes they were SOLD OUT! I was in shock, and so was their father. What started out as a so-so decision, ended up becoming a right decision. Take what no one else has to offer, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies door-to-door and sell them. That season we made and sold 55 dozen cookies, it was awesome. They learned about business, profit and loss, and HOW to service the needs of others. At the end of the experiment however, I was baked. (Ha ha ha)

That year of selling cookies back in 2008 however was a seed, and it lay dormant until a couple of weeks ago. In the last three years since I started Wholehearted Ministries, I have learned that there are many people hurting all over the globe and in our very own community. Brothers and sisters who have no money for their children for Christmas in our very own towns. Even those who appear “to have it all”, having to say more “no’s”  than “yes'”. We have been there too. I woke up one morning with the thought… Why don’t we bring BACK The Cookie Boys, but this time we focus on what we can do to help others? Talking about this with Jeff, we all came up with the “Kids Helping Kids at Christmas” campaign. This time we bake… we make each cookie with a promise, a promise to give 10% of proceeds and 100% of all donations directly to families in need in our local community. (We are starting locally, and we will see just how far this decision/vision can grow!)

The decision three years ago, to let our boys branch out and begin something of their own, became a full fledged vision this month. A vision to bless others, just as we have been blessed. So far this month, The Cookie Boys has sold 20 dozen cookies (with more on order), and we are quickly approaching our 100 dozen goal!


Why Try? WHY NOT!

This Christmas and throughout this New Year, why not TRY something new and unexpected? Why not take those right decisions you made a few years ago… maybe that house you bought at the bottom of the market, or those voice lessons that stirred up your soul, or that soul-food winning recipe, or that time you learned how to sew, why not take those decisions that were so good then and make them so good now! You never know what a little prayer, a little love for others, and a whole lotta GOD can do!

Merry Christmas my friends! You have blessed me all of these many years and I am indebted to you in love,

Sincerely your friend (and one proud momma),

Jessica Heilman

P.S. If you would like to read more about the boys and what they are doing with The Cookie Boys, and how they are helping the community… please check out their website:



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