Journal Day 3

What you are about to read is Jessica’s Praise Journal,

– not written to or for man –  

But written in hope that every man and woman could learn

to experience the love of the Lord personally.

A love like none other. 




What is safety in a world of hate?

Where bombs drop from the skies like candies, and men kill to settle a score.


What is safety in a world that groans for the end,

Shifting and storming and crumbling under the pressure of sin?


What is safety in the dark where the thief comes to kill and to destroy?


What is safety when there seems to be no safe place to be found?


Where is safety in a world of men?


Safety is found in the light of an honest believer,

A person who lives like no mortal man could.


Safety is found in the light of the eternal thinker,

A person who knows that this earth is not home now or forever.


Safety is found in the light of the wise words of a Christ follower,

A person who has submitted himself to You alone.


Safety is found in the arms of a noble parent,

A person committed to live like their Father.


Why do so many feel as if there is no safety to be found?

Why do so many feel that they can not walk on Your streets?

Why do so many stay locked up their homes and never see the light?


They are scared to death that’s why,

They are scared to die.

To them death is no reward for living a virtuous life.


Oh, But for those of us who will wait on You!

For those of us who live until the end!

For those of us who will walk with You from glory unto glory!


We will get to arrive in Your presence,

We will get to eat at Your table,

We will drink Your fine wines.


We will get to tickle our fingers in your beard,

We will get to sit at Your feet and fall on our knees.


Like children we will get to be so giddy!

We will get to run and play in Your majestic fields!


Those of us who once could not stand on our own,

We will get to soar like eagles.


Those of us who once were ugly before,

Will be truly beautiful.


Those of us who denied the enemy,

Will walk free from any internal battle.


Every tear will be wiped from our eyes,

By Your gentle but powerful hand.


Yes, there is safety here for us now.


The same safety we will know then,

When time has no purpose,

And the world has no end.


You are our safety, now and forever.



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