It’s Parenting Week!

It’s Parenting Week here at WHM!

We here at Wholehearted Ministries believe that with the Word of God every parent has what they need in order to be the best parents possible! In Psalms 127 the Message Version, scripture says:

Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift?
the fruit of the womb his generous legacy?
Like a warrior’s fistful of arrows
are the children of a vigorous youth.
Oh, how blessed are you parents,
with your quivers full of children!
Your enemies don’t stand a chance against you;
you’ll sweep them right off your doorstep.

Families are forces. As you and your family work in harmony with each other, as one unit not only do you show the world a family that can conquer all odds, you are showing the world what a functioning Body of Christ should look like! Consider that with a father, a mother, and children the family has all the components that the Church should be equipped to have. One could even comprehend that our families are our local churches!

But not all “families” are the same. Some are made up of Aunts, Uncles, Single mom’s, Single dad’s… by adoption or association. Families are forces, regardless of relationship. Parenting is left then in the hands of the adult responsible party. This week Jessica as a mother of five children all in various ages this week is going to focus on sharing some of her tips and quips she has learned in the last 15 years with you.

Children are AWESOME!

I am so excited about this weeks series! This week I will be writing about raising each of my five children, how I handle them and what I have learned about being a parent and motherhood. Five days, five tips each day and an ongoing message that CHILDREN ARE AWESOME!”- Jessica

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