I Saw the Face of the Lord

“38,000 feet above the Earth I saw the Lord’s face, looking down unto His many people.”

A Most Blessed Trip

Good day friends! Today is the day that the Lord has made! For any who do not know, this last week I was out of town in Atlanta, Georgia receiving an award for moving from “fear to faith”, being recognized by our Pastors, Taffi and Dr. Creflo A. Dollar. It was a most wonderful trip, and I was blessed to be able to take from the entire week new spiritual understanding, wisdom and grace. Praise God!

Being honored by our Pastors for remaining faithful to God, and seeking to live my life by praying and obeying (you can watch the link on youtube HERE) is a humbling experience, and I was weakened by the entire process. Weakened in a way that the joy of the Lord and all of His goodness- was nearly too much to handle! Isn’t His goodness… AWESOME?

38,000 Feet and a Vision

On our flight home, full of the Holy Spirit and His overwhelming love for me, the Lord was kind enough to give me some visions that He would like me to share with you. As I was looking out to the sky (see the picture at top of this page), I was blessed to see the face of our Lord beaming down upon His people. As this vision manifested, I took note and wrote it down in the form of a psalm verbatim to what I was experiencing, over the course of the flight more psalms came and followed this one, this is the first:

I Saw the Face of the Lord

I looked to the heavens and I saw Your face brooding over the earth,

Smiling and joyus were You-

Not bound in affliction or pain.

Pride was the emotion I saw,

And majesty was Your mantle.

Above a people beneath the heavens,

Scurrying to make their own needs met,

And yet through all of their self-inflicted pain and sorrow,

You BEAMED with joy in the hope of the upcoming and final redemption of those who still believed!

What a gracious and mighty God I see,

As I look to Your face in Heaven!

What a remarkable sight I see,

As I remain fixed on Your beaming face!

A face of unstoppable joy!

A face of laughter, joy, hope and pleasure!

And to think you are MY God!

A God who cares for the least of us,

Enough to wait in expectation for ALL of us to seek Your mighty face!

Oh, how you must play with the clouds in Your fingers,

Those white puffy orbs!

Oh, how the sun must warm Your back as You stand in front of it!

The sky now filling itself with the pinks, oranges, and reds of sunset.

Oh, how the mountain tops must feel under Your feet,

How the cliffs no man can climb must support Your weight,

As You sit to fairly judge Your people!

You are so BIG Almighty God!

You are so BIG!

I can see Your toes dipping into the mighty oceans,

And the ragging waters,

The seas Your play place!

Like a child who plays in the wake of a wave,

Your breath creates the winds of change!

Blow Spirit BLOW!

How is it that I Your humbled servant,

Could become witness to this,

Thy Lord’s delight?

I nearly hid my eyes to the sight of You at free play with Your creation,

Feeling as if I should not be witness to You and Your pleasure with the things You had made!

And yet You say NO!

Do not stop jotting down what you see!

Scribe it!

Write it!

Share with others My time of play!

For my pleasure IS your pleasure,

And won’t you come and play with ME?!

March 27, 2010

The Word for Today: The Lord Desires Your JOY!

While we wait on the Lord in expectation of His second coming, the Lord desires you to ENJOY with Him in His joy! Play with Him among His creation, and CHOOSE to live happy today! Never should we be found waiting in hopes of death for the release of our afflictions and pains… instead let us enter into His gates and wait in joyous expectation of the Savior and His grace!

CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA! Jessica Heilman the winner of the Taffi Dollar 2011 RADI Award  for her video entry in representation of living a radical and redefined life in Christ. You can learn more about this award and watch her WINNING video HERE.

You can keep in touch with Jessica and Wholehearted Minisrties at wholeheartedministries.com, on twitter, via facebook, through email subscription to articles, and directly through email at jessica@wholeheartedministries.com. Thank you for your support!


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