How to be Happy Though…

Mr. Peter J. Daniels

A few years back, my husband Jeff and I had the opportunity to hear an amazing Christian business man speak. His name was Peter J Daniels.

“Daniels came from a disadvantaged background and was challenged with illiteracy in his early years. His family was third generation welfare recipients, he has two alcoholic brothers, 4 fathers and 2 mothers. Many of his relatives have been in jail. He failed at every grade in school and became a bricklayer. At 26 years of age he was hopelessly in debt, and attended a Billy Graham Crusade on May 25, 1959. He attributes his life change and subsequent success to that meeting.

After reading 6,000 biographies, Daniels went into business three times, failing each time, but avoiding bankruptcy. He subsequently managed to build a large real estate business in Australia and South East Asia and serves as a director and chairman on a range of international boards.”

Daniels has authored thirteen books, including How to Reach Your Life Goals and How to be Happy Though Rich. Jeff and I have always chuckled at the title “How to be Happy Though Rich”, not quite sure why. Perhaps it was the funny thought… after all isn’t EVERYONE happy when rich? Maybe it was for its seemingly redundant statement, or maybe it was due to the grammar only that we tended to snicker. Regardless, it was a great and honest book, and know anytime we hear someone mention being “Happy” or “Rich” we always think about Mr. Daniels, his Australian accent and this book.

How to be Happy Though…

This week I am feeling inspired to workout these areas in our Ministry here at WHM and develop for the next few days a “How to be Happy Though…” series, in honor of Mr. Daniels. You can look forward to these upcoming daily posts, you may want to share them with your friends!

  • How to be Happy Though… SINGLE
  • How to be Happy Though… MARRIED
  • How to be Happy Though… a PARENT
  • How to be Happy Though… an Employee
  • How to be Happy Though… Unemployed
  • How to be Happy Though… Y O U

He is faithful!

How to be Happy Though Preaching the Gospel…

As an observationalist, author, teacher, minister, mother, wife, daughter, preacher-girl… I have had to learn how to be happy though preaching the gospel. It is not an easy profession by any means… and it doesn’t pay a dime! (Spiritually yes, and by other means yes… but not dollar-for-hour, of course). So HOW THEN, can you be “HAPPY” even though you maintain a staunch resolve to “Go into ALL the world and preach the gospel to the poor”? By watching believers get results! AMEN! There is NO BETTER payment for me, than to see or hear of a friend that I have helped, move on and do GREAT things with their lives! It makes it ALL worth it!

I can also be “HAPPY” because I know that I am doing the Lord’s work, and He is faithful! I have NEVER missed a meal, gone cold, gone without shelter, or gone without PERIOD- WHAT A GLORIOUS GOD WE SERVE!

It is my prayer this week, that even if you are “going through it” you might be able to rise your head up for just a second and see that you can be “HAPPY THOUGH xyz…” Happiness is a CHOICE and I choose this week to PROVE IT!

What would you do if you could do ANYTHING with your life and money was NO object? Ever since Jessica was a little girl, she dreamed of being a mommy, a wife, a teacher, and a writer. In 1995 her wedded dream came when Jesus Himself introduced her to her now husband Jeff. Together Jeff and Jessica have 5 children and Jessica writes and blogs daily in the hope that someone will be blessed by the Lord, in the same direct and relevant way that she has been. Jessica teaches and believes that an intense and personal relationship with Jesus IS all that you need, and that the Bible is the key to unlocking that intensity for Christ that you have always dreamed of having.

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Welcome to 2011,  A Year of “Creative Newness!”

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