She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. —Proverbs 31:15

In other words: Those who are wise are not hesitant to get started on their day, being both patient and positive through their morning routine are able to prepare the best day possible for themselves and for others.

It has been in my experience, that for some reason, men have a much easier time waking up in the morning then women. Their natural ability to “seize the day,” often comes into action, and they wake up with a “Go, go, go” mantra. If you are a man or woman such as this, today and this upcoming week, I would like to encourage you to dig deeper than just “Go, go, go.”

Your prosperity, and success in your life is determined more by your morning mental routine than any other activity that you can do. What you think, dream, visualize and meditate on in the early morning hours will determine how you go about your day and how others see and respect your actions. Take for example these two men,


Tony has a job working at a Fortune 50 company. He wakes up at 7am showers, brushes his teeth, shaves, and walks into his closet and finds freshly pressed clothes to wear. He needs to be into the office by 8, and has given himself just enough time to get out the door. Tony dresses quickly, then goes to his car and drives to work. On his way to work he yawns, stretches and dreams about his first in a series of many cups of coffee. The stress, pressure, and mental exhaustion that he under goes leave him by the end of the day only enough energy to eat his dinner in front of the television, and tell the kids “Goodnight.” He and his wife watch separate television programs and the most exciting thing that they do in the evening is fight for the covers. Tony is stuck, in a high paying rut.


William is a store clerk. He has worked at the company for the last six months, but has a vision and a dream to own the company some day. William wakes up at 5am and prays for guidance and clarity. He doesn’t spend very much time praying for what he wants, instead he talks to God as a Senior Business Partner, and counsels with Him about the approach to the day that God would have him to take. William goes through a morning routine of preparing his mind with some light reading, a few minutes of Bible study and ends his hour with stretching and deep inhalation. At around 6:30 am, stepping over dirty clothes, William begins to shower, shave, and eat the breakfast he (or his wife) has prepared. (Unlike Tony who’s breakfast consisted of a pot of coffee) He then chooses his best and cleanest uniform. His spirit having been fed and covered, his outer appearance has lined up with the inner man and he has full confidence leaving the house even in his dungarees. William leaves early for the store and on his way walking to work he has an iPod with his favorite sermons and worship music to listen to. William literally has energy to spare. William does his best in the store, and after 6 months he has already been promoted twice. He started as a janitor, and now is on his way to head clerk. Customers have begun requesting his services, and the boss has taken notice. When William’s day is done, he goes home to an enthusiastic response from his wife and children and helps his wife clean up after dinner and still has the energy to walk the children around the block before bed. The children go to bed at 8:30, and William stays up until 10pm reading, loving on his wife, and praying thanksgiving for his day. William has a dream, and is cultivating his mind in order to do so.

It is not enough for us to just leap out of bed and shout “Go, go, go!” We must have a weightier substance mater behind our desire to daily achieve. Our morning routine is our catalyst, it is our blueprint, and it is our title deed to our success in life. Having a morning routine in place is not meant to be rigid, or burdensome. It is meant to have purpose. If until now your morning purpose has been “just to get to work,” I would challenge you this week to begin setting up your day giving yourself the advantage. Create an environment for yourself that will not only create positive growth it will begin forcing growth to happen. We are a product of our thoughts, and the way we think from morning to night will be determined within the first hour of your day. Think of it as first fruits, or a morning tithe of your time.

A prayer for today,
“Father God I thank you for every breath that I take, and for giving me unlimited energy all day long. I recognize that my morning routine is the very thing that I need in order to do my best and give my best. I know that if I put You first, I will have more than enough time, and energy to do everything that You need me to do. I love you, In Jesus’ name Amen.”

God bless you today and everyday!

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