The Boy Scout’s have a motto. (I am sure they have more than one) The motto goes, “Leave your place CLEANER than you found it.” I.E. “If you get to a campsite, use it for a week and benefit from it, don’t just pack up and go. Clean it, and leave your location better than you found it.”

If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Matt. 5:41

What a great motto to live by. Jeff and I have lived by it since we first heard a fellow name Frank Radford teach on it. An ex-Navy Seal, Frank was a mans man and was committed to always leaving everything better than he found it. People, houses, businesses, shopping carts… you name it. It is this type of motto, that I believe emulates the very Spirit of God.

Paul Zane Pilzner in his book God Wants You to Be Rich: How and Why Everyone Can Enjoy Material and Spiritual Wealth in Our Abundant World Expertly explains how God is at work in this world and how each time when something starts to become, “scarce” God gives man invention to create a new recourse. He was a graduate of Wharton School of Finance and is a Professor of economics from the Christ centered point of view, ‘abundance’ not economics as it is defined “the study of scarcity.”

“Most people believe they should achieve wealth primarily for their own material comfort or that of their families. This is a far too narrow a view. God does want each of us to be rich in every possible way- health, love, and peace of mind, as well as material possessions. God wants this, however, not just for our own sake, but for the sake of all humankind. The reason, as we shall see throughout this book, is that an increase in wealth for an individual almost always represents an even larger increase in wealth for society at large. This is especially true in our modern economy, where the largest individual financial rewards are increasingly reserved for those people making the greatest positive impact on society.” Page 14

It is in God’s plan that we prosper and be in health. (3 John 2, Jer. 29:11) It is God’s plan to see the earth filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord (Hab 2:14), and for His people to live in abundance, according to Christ’s own words- “I have come that you might live life, and life it more abundantly”. John 10:10. Jesus says that it is the thief, or satan, who comes to destroy and if we were in a limited resource/scarce world there would be no hope for abundance. If you have ever wondered what God’s view on economics and His ‘BIG picture’, read this book!

It is up to us though, to leave our world a better place than we found it. To encourage and edify each other. If you are walking on the sidewalk and see trash laying about… do your part, pick it up! Unlimited resources, wealth, peace of mind and health are all products of taking care of what God gives us. It is the key to living life in an abundant way, we were not made to be Nomads, we have a covenant to occupy!

A prayer for today,
Father God encourage Your people to occupy, and take up residence. Whether they live by renting, or even if they live with others who take care of them, encourage my brothers and sisters to begin living a life of positive impact to others. Encourage Your children to be blessings to others, leaving everyone they meet, better than before they met them. We take up our cross today, or responsibility to not only see a need and fill it, but see a need and surpass all expectations we have You in us and live by a spirit of excellence! Thank You Lord, in Your Sons name- AMEN!

God Bless you today as you clean up your life and the lives of others, leaving this world better than you found it!

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