You are reading a note written by a near death survivor. Looking back on it now, at 33 years old, I have realized that my whole life has been orchestrated perfectly.

When I take the time to search my memories and reflect upon it, I chuckle at the way that each and every seemingly outrageous and yet perfectly timed series of events in my life has brought me to where I am currently stationed. Starting with a near brush with death.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jer. 29:11

“The lot is cast into the lap, but the decision is wholly of the Lord [even the events that seem accidental are really ordered by Him].” Proverbs 16:33 AMP


I can remember in the evening coughing like a seal. It was a very loud whooping cough and it would not stop, unless I was being held in my father’s arms.

“Shhh, it’s ok Jessica. Shhhh, it’s ok.”

My mother had job interviews the next day, and I was up with my daddy all night. He stroked my hair and held me on the end of the bed, it was dark, I was clammy and sweaty. Eventually, I feel asleep.

Unable to go to school the next day, my mother took me to my Grandmother’s house. I loved going to Grandma’s. I would get to lay on her couch in her living room, and watch Sesame Street and be waited on. It was really quite enjoyable.

Today however, was not as relaxing as other sick days, because I was more in a stupor than anything else. I was five years old.

What happened next was rapid.

Mother left for her interviews, and my health got worse instead of better. More coughing, more wheezing, more stupor. “FOR WHATEVER REASON” (and I use this term loosely), my Grandmother decided that this was no illness to be cured by chamomile, this was a situation deserving of the Emergency Room.

They “should have” never let me into the ER. They “should have” refused my admittance.

.…more coughing… more wheezing…

Rushing me through the ER, my grandmother approached the nurses and began to check me in.

…more coughing… more wheezing…

…more coughing… more wheezing…


“I am not her mother, I am her Grandmother.”

“This is Kaiser mam, insurance?”

“Her mother is not available, we have no documents.”

…more coughing… more wheezing…

…more coughing… more wheezing…

…more coughing… more wheezing…

“What then can we do? You have no insurance, no ID, no proof even of relation.”

…more coughing… more wheezing…


He came from out of nowhere. To this day, I do not even know his name. He was a Doctor who IN PASSING heard my coughing, heard my wheezing, and was moved to diagnosis purely from the sound of my exasperation. The events that followed saved my life…


“Wha? Doctor?”


Without any hesitation, I was whisked to the OR, thrown on a table, without even time for being sedated, I had several inches of plastic tubing shoved down my throat and I was left in a daze. In a mater of seconds I had been saved from death. The “blue tape” having been cut, the family members being notified of my condition. There I lie, having been spared my life, not even in the presence of my parents. At five years old, just me and God, I had been watched out for, provided for, and literally saved.


Is an infection of the epiglottis (that little flap in the back of your throat that allows air to flow freely), in which the epiglottis swells, thus cutting off all air supply to your body. If it had not been for the Doctor walking by at the exact time, in that exact hour… if it had not been for my grandmother taking me to the hospital, if it had not been… the list could go on forever…

Children have died from Epiglottitis, a famous actor Bill Bixby’s (known in America as the original Incredible Hulk on TV in the 70’s) son died of this “infection”.

All I can remember, after the ER battle with the nurses, was waking up the next day in my hospital bed. I had stuffed animals all around me, and down at the foot of the bed my dad had a Kermit the Frog puppet figure that he would put on a puppet show for me with. He talked in that croaky Kermit voice perfectly, and I smiled weakly, having gotten through my first Divine Interaction, otherwise known as a “traumatic experience”.


Today, I know that these “Divine Accidents” these “coincidences”, are not accidents at all. They are moments in our lives when we are awakened to God’s perfect timing, and they are in reality, hash marks used for a timeline in which we can build virtual altars of thanksgiving for what the Lord has done.

Personally, I can think back to so many “near misses” in my life and many stories in the Bible of people being in the right place at the right time, that it is amazing to me how it is even possible for us to be able to do anything without full recognition of God’s Supremacy. Take Moses, Ester, Paul, Christ, etc… the entire Bible is packed with instance after instance of God’s perfected timing.


Talking about these Divine occurrences, these “hands of fate”, I am recognizing that even the “bad” things that are exposed to us are perfectly orchestrated. I shudder to think of what might have happened, if I had never caught my boyfriend cheating on me.

Would I ever have even completely surrendered to God alone? Would I ever have met my husband? Would I have the children I have now… simply put, NO!

The failing of the math test, that drove you to become a writer. The falling off the bike, that interested you in physics. The taking care of your pet, that interested you in animal sciences. The parent that abused you, that led you to want to become a better parent. The neighbor that confused you, that led you to think of sex and marriage as evil, and yet you overcame and are able to finally love again. Instance after instance, of evil being turned to good, all moments for praise, looking back on it.


We are surrounded by it. There is a real devil, there is a hell. Make no mistake. There are just as many countless accounts of men who have been writhing with hollered screams of agony, as they die, as there are of men and women who pass into “the Light”.

Evil is all around us, and it is by God’s grace, pure and simple that the evil doesn’t swallow us all. It is in these moments of grace that He and His angels move on the hearts of men, doctors, friends, neighbors, in order to step in and be the Savior that we need. Finding my boyfriend’s lovers bra for example, saved my life.


Bad things are not from God, God is all good (read 1 John). It is the fact that through sin and the pressures of sin on this earth, that the earth and it’s people are in bondage to evil. Christ came however to this earth to fill it. When Christ entered into our atmosphere scripture says that He filled this place and His glory came, then when He died He filled hell too. (Rev 1:8) Christ overcame hell, and the grave, and it is in Him that we too are equipped to overcome.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33


I do not know exactly why some live, and some die. I could not even pretend to know why. I know when I was pregnant with my second child and had a miscarriage, I was in a place of trusting God and even though I had no idea why it happened, I let it go and moved on. As it turned out, two months later I became pregnant with my son Joseph. It makes me wonder, was Joseph, the “chosen” one? Without the miscarriage, he would not be here today.


I read an article the other day of a husband and wife who went through the process of IVF, only to not be able to stay pregnant herself. However, what was discovered, was that the baby that she had been implanted with, was not her own. The Doctors had made the mistake of switching the couples embryo’s. Her son in turn, had been placed into the other mother, and that mother flourished in the pregnancy. Afraid that the mother that was carrying the baby would not release the child, the mother prayed and sought God. The other mother thankfully was understanding and being graceful, carried her baby to term, and after birth handed the baby over. The biological mother’s words to the newborn upon arrival were,

“I guess God knew that mommies womb wasn’t where you needed to be, welcome to the world.”


A prayer for today,
Father God, I pray today, that Your people would read and take to heart Romans 8:28, recognizing that all things happen for good for those that love You and are called unto Your purposes.

We accept our calling Father, and know that You are the One in which we entrust our lives to. No longer, do we choose to see things as mere “accidents”, and no longer do we claim to have all the answers. I pray Father, that You would reveal to Your people in their pasts, every hour that You had held their hand, every time that you were there orchestrating Divine meetings, greetings, and occurrences. There are NO accidents in You, and please encourage Your people Father, that all the pain, suffering, and sorrow they have experienced were not moments that You left them, but that they have been moments that You saved them.

You have spared me, and You have guided me my whole life. I desire to recognize You today, Thank YOU. In Your Sons Name, AMEN.

May God Bless you today, as you thank Him for your many blessings!

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