Have you ever given your last dime and refused to go into debt, or tell anyone about your situation BUT God? Maintaining a great attitude and yet nearly been starving? Take heart my friends, God has heard your prayers! And seen your giving hearts! Here is our story:

I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread. Psalm 37:25

When my second son was an infant, my husband Jeff and I had to believe God for a financial miracle. Jeff had been interviewing at different companies through out the Dallas area. One such company hired him and he was going to get paid more than double anything he had ever been paid before! The financial miracle that we needed had to occur during the interim period, that somewhat scary period between no job and the first paycheck. We had no money in savings and we were committed to living life debt free. As a couple, we had decided that we were going to “give our way out” and put God’s Word to the test. We came in agreement for finances, and trusted that God alone would provide for us according to His riches in glory. We decided that no one needed to know about our situation. The Lord knew about our need, and we knew the need, that was it. Instead of borrowing were decided to pray, and let God give to us what we needed.

Armed with our understanding of sowing and reaping (Luke 6:38), and putting our faith in God alone, instead of gathering all our pennies to hoard, we did the opposite and gave them all away to those in need. We came to our last dime, and sowed it. We decided to trust in the Lord and HIS reserves, not ours. I can remember paying a gasoline attendant 9$ in change for our gas in pennies, nickels and dimes. Our funds had gotten that low. We didn’t know how God was going to do it, but whatever it was that He was going to do, and in whatever time He chose, we knew that He was our hero and capable of anything.

Saturday night before our first paycheck, I lay awake thinking to myself “Ok, it is 2 am. We have no more money and the baby is in his last diaper. We have a quarter of a tank of gas, and we wont get paid until next Friday. God, what else can I give?” My heart was fixed on the desire to give more, and more.

“Your prayers” God answered me simply, “You can still give to others through your prayers. Pray for the body of Christ, that it would be obedient. When the body gives to its members, no one will be in need of anything again.” He then took me to that scripture about Jesus and Simon Peter feeding the sheep. Jesus was programming Simon Peter’s mind to think compassionately towards others.

As a result of this word, I immediately began praying for everyone I knew, and those I didn’t know. I prayed for the church, the city, the Nation. I prayed that God’s people would begin to be obedient to their callings, and that they would be blessed, and successful. I prayed that all would receive the spirit of compassion and respond by caring for one other.



Sunday morning, Jeff and I woke up fresh and very much alive. We had survived to live another day! I was completely at ease, having prayed myself to sleep the night before. We figured that staying at home in bed wasn’t the answer, if we were going to do anything or go anywhere, church was where we needed to be. On the way to church we didn’t care that we didn’t have enough gas money to get home, or that baby Joseph was In his last diaper. We knew that God was going to deliver us one way or another, and if we had to walk home we would. As soon as we got to the church, we were opening doors for people and letting others sit down before us. After church, we did our usual routine and picked up our boys and got into the car to head home. We started down the long driveway exiting the church, when we noticed a big burly man walking down the side of the driveway. This man was covered in black leather, and was completed with long hair and a beard. He looked very out of place at our traditional church.

Jeff immediately found compassion for a lone walker on the road and a lump rose in my throat as Jeff started pulling the car over to offer this “Hell’s Angel” looking man a ride. Opening the door, the man smiled and was grateful for the assistance. I jumped over the center console and into the back of the car with the boys, and Jeff and the unnamed man began to chat.

This man was a trucker, and since the drive was so long and narrow he had to park his rig away from the church. He was a member of the motorcycle club in the church, and when he was in town he would come to church on Sunday. After a surprisingly delightful conversation we came to his rig and he said “Thanks”.

Smiling, we said that we were glad to do it. Then understanding that the man was going on another long haul, we grabbed some church sermons from the glove box to give him for his driving. We were still committed to “giving our way out/in to a miracle.”

“WOW! Thanks!” The man said, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Well,” Jeff gulped “Maybe if you could give us like five bucks for the tapes, so we can buy some gas, that would be great.”

“Mister, I can do better than that.” With that, I saw this big “scary” looking man pull out a hundred dollar bill from his pocket. “God told me to give this to you!”

After he did, everyone in the car started balling. We were all crying with joy! The unnamed man went on to say:

“Once, when I was really down on my luck a buddy of mine gave me a hundred dollar bill. When I finally got back on my feet, I went back to my buddy to repay him. He told me to keep the hundred dollars, and he said “Someday you will come across someone else who needs that hundred dollars, when you do, give it to them.” This gentle giant went on to tell Jeff and me, “As soon as I heard your car misfiring on the driveway, I knew you needed help. You picked me up, and I know I am supposed to give this hundred dollars to you!”

WOW! How I had misjudged this messenger of God! When we all do our part to listen and act, it is the greatest thing to watch how we all relate to each other! We didn’t even need a hundred dollars! All we really needed was like twenty dollars to get us through the week. We immediately paid our tithes and then that hundred dollars not only bought us diapers, it bought us food, gas and completely sustained us until payday! God had heard our prayers, felt our compassion towards others, and rewarded our obedience! We never borrowed a dime, or cried out to others.. we cried out to God and He provided!

A prayer for today,
Lord God, bless those who have taken the time out of their day to read this note. Father show them compassion and encourage them that as they put their faith in You, YOU WILL SHOW UP. Your Word says that the righteous will not be forsaken, and their seed will not beg for bread, (Psalm 37:25) I pray and claim this scripture over each of your children that they would be found righteous adhering to Your Word, and that they would not be forsaken! In Your Son Jesus’ name we pray AMEN!

God Bless you today as you trust in God and rely on Him for everything!

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