I would like to introduce you to two couples, meet Mr. and Mrs. Have To and Mr. and Mrs. Get To.


Mr. and Mrs. Have To, have to wake up every morning to the alarm clock. They have to get out of bed, they have to get dressed, and they have to eat. Then after they feed the little children (that always have to be so demanding), they have to get ready. After they have to get ready for the day (having to comb their hair and brush their teeth), they have to rush out the door to be on time! Little Johnny Have To, forgot to get his lunch which he undoubtedly HAS TO have. So Mrs. Have To has to go back to the house and pick up the lunch (and the science project) and then she has to go all the way inside the office to explain to Johnny’s Principle why Johnny had to be late! Then Mrs. Have To, has to go to work and do the following:

  • She has to answer the phone.
  • She has to try and not think about her at home “have to do” list.
  • She has to remember that her husband has a baseball game that he has to go to tonight.
  • She also has to remember that she has to go to the store on the way home, because she has to make dinner.

Mr. Have To, has to make it to work on time because as always his boss will be waiting for him. His boss always has to remind him of what he has to do, and he hates that. He has to get to work, and he has to do his best to make everyone happy. He has to be at work and smile at everyone. Mr. Have To, has to be at work and not in bed, and he has to have 12 cups of coffee before he can do anything. Mr. Have to, has to make it through the day:

  • He has to think of new work strategies.
  • He has to do everything while his boss sits around and does nothing.
  • He has to remember to throw the ball to Johnny when he gets home, before the baseball game which he has to go to with Johnny.
  • He has to drive to the game, and has to park, and then he has to fight traffic home so he will have to leave the park early.
  • He has to go home to Mrs. Have To!

Oh the poor Have To’s!


Mr. and Mrs. Get To, get to wake up early every morning! They get to see the start of another day, full of opportunities! They get to rise out of bed, get dressed, and they get to eat breakfast! They realize that food is a blessing, and thank the Lord before they “get to” eat. They get to feed Little Suzi her breakfast, and see her smile as she gets to be fed. They get to be the givers of meals! The Get To’s get to brush their hair and make it pretty, and they get to maintain their teeth. They get to be at work on time, spending time together going early because they get to share one car! They don’t have to do anything! They get to do everything!

Little Suzi forgot her lunch, but mom gets to go back and get it for her, after all lunch is important and so mom gets to make sure that she is provided for. Then, to make things even better, Mrs. Get To gets to go to speak to the Principal and make a relationship, explaining how she got to go home and get Suzi’s lunch! The Principal was happy to get to meet the Suzi Get To and Mrs. Get To, and the Principal was blessed to be able to excuse Suzi’s tardiness. Mrs. Get To, gets to take Mr. Get To to work (since they only have the one car), when at home she gets to:

  • Mow the lawn.
  • She gets to change their new baby Get To’s dirty diapers.
  • She gets to clean the house.
  • She gets to do the laundry and plan the meals.
  • She gets to watch the baby for Mr. Get To tonight, as Mr. Get To gets to take Suzi to tonights baseball game.
  • She gets to go to the store and buy groceries, because she gets to cook dinner!

Mr. Get To, gets to be at work early! Mr. Get To’s boss has already sent him an email of what he gets to do today. Mr. Get To gets to make phone calls and encourage his team, Mr Get To gets to have a job!

  • He gets to be in a management and development role.
  • He gets to support his boss, while his boss thinks of how to run the business better.
  • He gets to throw the ball with Suzi when he gets home, and then he gets to take her to the game!
  • He gets to drive his daughter to the park, and he gets to spend time with her in the car, and he gets to stay late and spend time with her at the park and in the traffic. They get to talk!
  • He gets to go home to Mrs. Get To!


The difference between having to do something and getting to do something, is vast! As you can see when we take on an attitude of “having to”, we often allow life to happen to us! When we relax and enjoy life and have a positive outlook of service to others, we “get to” participate and things, and our tasks become joyous and much less burdensome! I have gotten to change diapers for the last twelve years, which means I have been blessed with many children and I get to be apart of their lives! They get to make me a kid again, and I get to feel young! I don’t have to do anything I get to do everything! This is completely inline with the scripture that says,

My yoke is easy and my burden is light. Matt 11:30

So what do you “get to” do today? How do you get to bless others and be a blessing?

A prayer for today,

Lord encourage Your people, show them the value of getting to do things, let them know that they don’t “have” to do anything. You are not a hearty task master demanding regime from Your people, You are a joyous opportunity giver that opens doors to all that knock! We are in You arms, and we are blessed to do the work that we get to do for You. Thank You for reminding me today, that I GET TO serve. In Your Son Jesus’ name, Amen!

May God Bless you today in all that you get to do!


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