HATE Your Job? Try Asking a New Question…

A wise man once told me, “Jobs are like keeping your foot in a pail of water, take your foot out of water and the void (where your foot once was) will just fill right back up.”

“HATE” Your Job?

If you are like most, and work for someone else, you have probably felt the pressure of being unhappy at work. You know what it feels like to “HATE your job.” Feeling the boss breathing down on you, or your income not being enough to “survive”. So much pressure! Primarily because you “hate” what you do. Maybe just maybe you aren’t looking at your “job” from the correct perspective…

The Sun is the Center of the Universe…

The Earth is NOT the Center of the Universe

Let us think for a moment to the Astronomer Copernicus. For many years before Copernicus, scientists and farmers had supposed that the earth was the center of the Universe. All mans calendars, farming, and instruments were geared toward this thought. This thinking produced problems however, crops and calendars were consistently thrown off kilter and there was no consistency in weather patterns. For instance you might find it snowing in June! It was very difficult to create a consistent and profitable agrarian society simply because the seasons were so unpredictable!

Copernicus decided that he was going to attempt to solve this problem with his thinking, and that he was going to get down to the root of what was going on. In so doing, he challenged the entire scientific community that for centuries  had been asking “How do we establish a consistent growth season?” He suggested instead that, they didn’t need to ask how to get a predictable growing season, they needed to ask… What if the Earth was not the center of the Universe?! As Copernicus was the first to develop thinking along the lines of this questioning, he was able to begin putting into motion the thought that the Sun was the center of our Universe, and not the earth at all. Changing forever history as we know it.

“If your job is fairly consistent, predictable, and routine… congratulations!”

Is Your Job Providing You the Means for Establishing Your Vision?

Today I would like to challenge you to not look at the results that your job is giving you. Set aside for a moment all of the “need” you might have. The need to feel respect, get bills paid, have notoriety, friends… etc. Let us look at your job instead for what it is affording you the “luxury” to do…

  • Are you able to stay more or less “local”?
  • Are you getting paid enough to support your basic needs?
  • Are you freed up to think about doing other things in your “off” time?
  • Are you able to spend time with your family?
  • Are you afforded time to yourself during lunch or breaks?

If your job is fairly consistent, predictable, and routine… congratulations! You have a great “job”! If your job has afforded you room in your life for “boredom”, your job is a successful one. But what next? How do we create a “legacy”?

If your job is on “auto-pilot” it is time to pray to God for a vision for what to do with your life

Pray for a Vision and a Plan

“A plan in the heart of a man is like deep water, But a man of understanding draws it out.” Proverbs 20:5

If you are not satisfied in your job, but it is a stable environment, NOW is the time to act! Continue to work your job heartily and give your job everything you have during your work hours, it is the right and Christian thing to do. Jesus suggests that we give our jobs (or people when they ask things of us) two miles! Above and beyond type effort. If you are doing this, and your job is now on “auto-pilot” it is time to pray to God for a vision for what to do with your life. Ask Him to show you both the plan and the vision. What does He want you to do… HOW does He want you to do it?

Your job is a means to an end. It is like a petri dish in which it enables you to grow your dreams and legacy within it on the inside. A petri dish is a container that a scientist uses to cultivate growth of micro-organisms.  In the right dish and in the right environment, the microbes can grow and can become productive. It is time to start looking at your job as a dish and not as the microbe. Your job is not your legacy… your job is the container in which you are afforded an environment for outstanding personal growth. As you grow, the container must grow with you… or you will get a new container! As you grow your “job” will too! Until you grow yourself out of a job all together!

“But will God really dwell on earth with men? The heavens, even the highest heavens, cannot contain you. How much less this temple I have built!” 2 Chronicles 6:18

It is not uncommon for a Christian to grow discontented with their current job or position. The growth that a Christian undergoes is immense! I would encourage you however to not look at the results your job is producing, but look at what the job you have is facilitating. Is it facilitating you to dream? Can you take your “off-time” to begin building and growing your legacy? If so, be patient in your current circumstances and trust that as you are in the Lord, you will no longer be able to be contained!

When we are “in faith”, we can not be contained!

God Cannot Be Contained!

Christ in us, us in Christ. We who have accepted the Lord as our Savior, cannot be separated from Him, unless we choose to be. In this revelation, we know that when we are in Him we cannot be contained! Our flesh is our only hinderance! I would suggest today, if you “hate” your job to pray to God for a dream! Begin then to start building that dream and ask God to show you the plan! Before you know it, you will be living life as heaven here on earth, completely sold-out to God and His plan for your life!

Sincerely with love in Christ,

Your Friend,


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