TESTIMONY: Victoria’s Story- Together for 60 Years!

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My parents are my inspiration. This October they will be married for 60 years. When I ask them what their secret to a happy marriage is, my father says “We do everything together!” My parents go to church, take trips and just hang out together.

This year, I took my father to Texas to see some friends and family with out my Mother… He missed her so much. He feels a man should treat a woman equal to himself. If his wife is doing her duty, a man has no business out away from her, and visa versa. If my father came home before my mother, he would start the dinner. They would share everything, and never make any decisions with out each other. In the same token, they do give each other their space.

I want a husband just like my Daddy :-). My parents are so loving… even our old friends from our childhood come to visit my parents to this very day. They are giving, and always helping the homeless with food or money, and just love everyone. They have unconditional Godly love!

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