TESTIMONY: Jeff & Jessica Heilman

We Decided to Get Married On Our First Date!

Laugher has been the greatest benefit to our marriage. It was off to a rocky start- it happened so fast. We had only known each other for a day, when we decided to get married- and we didn’t really know each other at all. We had a lot in common, but I had no idea about his upbringing, or his family- and he had no idea how to handle me. All we had was an intense chemistry and a divine connection. After three months we were married! We could have easily ended our marriage when times got tough, but we made the decision never to give up.

16 years ago, I met Jeff on a group date. It was four of my childhood friends Jeff, and I. We met up at Dolce Spazio in Los Gatos, California. From the moment I saw him, I knew- he was going to be a riot. I have never stopped laughing since that first night. Sometimes he asks: “What did you ever see in me?” and I have to reply-“You made me laugh…and you have looooong legs!”

My parents have been married multiple times, and so have his. Neither of us knew how to be married. It is only through God’s grace, and by reading countless marriage books that we were able to stick with it and learn how to be happy going through it. We always knew we were never going to get divorced… we just wanted to be happy in the process!



We fought a ton in the beginning, but vowed never to go to bed mad. No matter how long it took or how late we stayed up, we promised to always have our arguments cleared up before bed. This was critical to us, considering we could have woken up the next day miserable but didn’t.

I love my husband more than anything but God. I Love him less than God, because I know that it is God who has blessed me with him. I love my children after my husband, yes in that order. I recognize that after our kids are gone it will be Jeff and I, and we will have to know each other intimately in order to survive our empty home. I have written a book on what I did in order to save my marriage. It blessed me to be able to do so.


The power of God in our lives individually by putting Him first has created a growth environment for our family. We have been through job loss, others divorces, deaths, miscarriage, moves, friendships, businesses, raising kids, raising pets, abundance of money, no money, roaches, diamonds, debt, no debt. You name it we have been there and done that- but I have had my best friend laughing along with me all the way. I have been truly blessed.

Love Always,

Jessica Heilman

A note from Jessica,

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