TESTIMONY: From our Friends in South Africa- A Marriage Testimony

South African FlagDear Jeff & Jessica,

I was encouraged to share our testimony after seeing the testimony recently posted by Wholehearted on FB.

I would like to appreciate the kind of friendship we have with you guys which started with my wife getting to know Jessica first. At first I was not sure where this was going but I later discovered that my wife was having a heart-to-heart discussion with Jessica.

We have been going through some turbulent phase in our life and thank God that at the right time God made my wife and Jessica to connect so there could be an opportunity for both of them to share things and provide quality support to each other.

The advice my wife was getting from Jessica, managed to get me back to the right direction. I was somehow getting sidetracked and was not willing to provide leadership in this marriage to ensure that love and intimacy and faith in nurtured. I was struggling with some habits of about a decade that I think made me hard in my heart and I was slowly growing cold in my love for God and that of my wife.

I have been to depths of sin but praise God that I am back and fighting for my life, my faith, my family, my career, my future!
My wife shared with Jessica about my problems and when I got to know about that I was angry but decided not to do anything because I realized how big the challenge she was facing in this relationship was. I also began to look inside me and realize that I am actually going down the drain.

My wife and Jessica were used by God-Jessica would encourage her, advise her and pray for her (even for me I believe). Although I was very difficult, emotionally cold, hostile and uncooperative, my wife managed to melt me down and convinced me that I needed to go to a men’s camp in our church here in South Africa. What a weekend I had, God confronted me about my life and my issues, I was crying tears the whole weekend and I can say that ever since I came back I have been a different person. We have had some bad moments but God is helping us to listen to each other, to be sensitive to each other and to work through issues and resolve them.

I believe that from now whatever battle or issues surface, we will be able to deal with them properly. I am also able to deal with my issues which I have been struggling with and I am winning the battle. I have recently finished a very good book which helps married men deal with sexual purity in their lives and strengthen their marriages.

We are learning to fellowship with each and with God better now. Before I was not comfortable doing that with my wife. We now enjoy sharing about what God is saying to each of us and are able to talk about the vision for the future and pray together.

We do appreciate the kind of attention that you guys are giving us, it means a lot to us. Jeff I do not know you much and I have not even met you, we do not talk a lot about things, but you are like my own brother. I believe that there is a lot we will learn from each other about marriage, faith and life in general.

Continue to be a blessing to us and to others, one day we will be able to stand on a platform and talk to people about how the Lord helps you overcome challenges in marriage and in life and come out stronger than before.

God richly bless you!

Your friends in South Africa

A Note From Jessica,

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