TESTIMONY: Bob & Tomoe’s Story- Together since 7th grade

Tomoe walked into my 7th grade English class, and it was absolutely LOVE at first sight!  I spent most of that year teasing her and finally asked her to “go” with me at the start of 8th grade.  Thirty years of marriage, three wonderful kids and I still get the same flutters when I speak about her.  God truly blessed me with my soul mate!

Like any other marriage, ours has had its ups and downs, highs and lows, but we have fortunately come through it all, without ever doing any unfixable damage. Being a US Marine wife was difficult on her as I was often gone for months at a time, while she carried the responsibility of raising our children alone.  Both of us being Christians obviously made a difference in keeping us together, during the rough spots.

Even though we were both Christians, I hadn’t truly given God authority over all things in my life. Money and “things” were so important, that I struggled with just the thought of tithing or paying God first.  I also couldn’t fathom the idea that I was supposed to love God more than my wife. This seemed weird to me, as it also meant that she is supposed to love God more than me.  I was actually jealous of God.   I found ways to justify pornography, gambling and other things that I knew were wrong.  Since we were so happy together, I had convinced myself that we must be doing something right and it was all ok.

It wasn’t until we both truly committed our lives to God, and to his will (wholehearted), that I realized how far I had let the devil lead us astray from what God desires in a holy, God based marriage.  We both now love God so much and praise him for the blessing of this partnership he brought together for his purpose.  I cannot even imagine God not being first in all things.  Our finances now rightfully belong to him, and we have never lacked.  We guard the types of programs that we watch or are allowed in our home.  We study and claim his promises for our children and they have been blessed.  We are attending Bible College together so that we will be ready when God needs us.

We thought we loved each other before, but you can’t imagine how much more incredible that love is,  when your first love is Christ and you allow everything else to flow from that!  I even look at my spouse differently. She sparkles, because I know God gifted me with her.  I have absolute trust in her.  I honor and care for her as the bible instructs.   We start each day praising and praying together, eagerly anticipating what God may have planned for us together.  I have come to realize that I haven’t even scratched the surface of what “real love” is all about.  You can’t help but raise your arms in praise for your spouse, your marriage and his wonderful gift he’s given you!

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