TESTIMONY: A Testimony of Healing- from Quebec, CA

This testimony has been translated from its original language, French

Hello my friend Jessica!

I open my heart and thank God so much goodness and blessings that He gives and He provides us, even if the vicissitudes and problems, we always accept the will of our God. I’m always attentive to his teaching and trying not to break his law.
Here I thanked her kindly, thanked his compassion and listen to the prayers for the health of my mother, who in a moment fell seriously ill. We appreciate your mercy and your desire to restore health to my mother, thank you for a blessing. Thank you.

I agree with you Psalm 40
The salvation of God and His Servant

* 1 At choirmaster. Psalm of David.

2 I have put my hope in the Lord.
He leaned toward me, he listened to my supplication.

3 He traces the destruction of wells
and bottom mud.
He gave me standing with your feet on a rock
and established my goings.

4 He put in my mouth a new song,
a hymn of praise to our God, sing.
When they see what he has done, many will fear the Lord
and trust him.

5 Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord
and do not turn to the proud people
lost in lies [a].

– B. Hernández, Quebec, Ca

A Note From Jessica,

If you feel led to share your story of healing after reading our Canadian friend’s testimony of healing, please do so! Your testimony according to Rev 19:10 IS the spirit of prophecy! It is through our testimony of Christ, that others are strengthened and encouraged that THEY TOO can win in life! Your testimony is prophetic!

You can send your testimony to: jessica@wholeheartedministries.com. We give all our potential testifiers an option for anonymity, as well as the initial rights to proof what is printed.

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  2. horse property! So, I went into the town hall to find out for sure and sure euongh we do have horse property now!!!! I didn’t think about it until right now as I sat down to write this, but I believe I am hearing from the Lord as I type!2 years ago, we attended a conference by Rachel Jeffries out in Indian Wells, and she had a prophetic word for me that I never could make out until now. It is hanging on my fridge as a matter of fact! Her word from the Lord was, “God will expand your land. The Bible talks about expanding your territories, but I am being told that He will expand your land.” I thought this was a weird thing and I was hoping at the time it meant we would be moving. Silly me. Praise God, what an amazing testimony that is coming out as I sit here! Instead of moving us, He changed our zoning! When I inquired with the town when the zoning had been changed, it ended up that it was changed shortly after Rachel’s conference in Indian Wells when I received that word from the Lord through her!God is really blessing us as we are being obedient to Him! Thank you Lord for your blessings!

  3. Praise God! We here at WHM LOVE to hear testimonies and breakthrough moments that only the Lord could have done!!

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