Every Holiday “The Same?”, What’s on Your Holiday Resumé?

Our Holiday Interviews

It occurred to me this morning as I was stoking the Thanksgiving Day fire, that every holiday seems to be just about the same. 5, 10, 15+ people all forced into the same space together, made to justify their positions. Johnny did this last year, Katie did that. My job is xyz…

Come to think of it, Holiday gathering has become more like a harried interview process for approval of position, than just “hanging” out and fellowship. This thought of Holiday Grandstanding led me to think, what’s on my Holiday Resumé? Have I done anything worth mentioning?

The Holiday’s can be very difficult. This is the only time of year when the Astronaut sits next to the High School drop-out, the Stay-at-home mom sits next to the Cooperate Exec., and the sinner sits next to the Saint. Those who have achieved some level of success decide to speak lowly of themselves (typically), and those who have done seemingly nothing speak higher of themselves. Why? Why do we do it? Why “gather” at all?

God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful. 1 Cor 1:9

We Have Been Called Into Fellowship

Scripture says in 1 Corinthians 1:9, that we have been called into fellowship with Christ. This unnerving desire that we have to be together with another human being is in our very nature, it is embedded way down deep within our core. It has been scientifically proven that babies who are not coddled or cared for, who are left alone, will suffer and eventually die from emotional un-attachment. They will always have problems with social acceptance, due to their inability to adequately  fellowship with others.

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Acts 2:42

We are Called to Devote Ourselves to Teaching and Fellowhip

As devoted followers of Christ, we are called to fellowship. We are called to assemble and eat together, play together, work together and worship together. Togetherness unites us in prayer and belief in Christ. If we are not grounded in our belief we become like every other religion, country and group of people, having rituals all with the same unfortunate desired end… self glorification. “It has been a year… LOOK at me now.”

This year when we shop, let us pray for the perfect gift that someone might need or want.

This Year’s Challenge

As we enter the 2010 Holiday Season, I feel challenged to forgo the old way of doing things. The dressing up for what makes us “look best”, the speaking highly of ourselves to make us “look best”, the gift giving to make us “look best”… all of the trappings that lead us to think only of ourselves. The reality is that our resumé’s in Christ are all ready perfected. He loves us, and we have nothing to “prove”! We have but only to serve!

Your Resumé In Christ

Giving to Others What the Lord Influences You to Give

Our first Holiday party was last Saturday. Everyone was requested to bring something. This time rather than spend all day shopping, cooking, and bothering I asked the Lord what I should bring. Five minutes before the party started He instructed me to buy bread. What a simple dish. Bread. As it turns out, no one else had thought to bring bread. Praise be to the Lord, listening to the Holy Spirit I was able to get for the party exactly what the host needed.

Would I have rather brought a mile high meringue pie? Probably. Would I have rather slaved all day in the kitchen and cooked a gourmet something-or-other? Of course. But these Holidays aren’t about me, I am blessed- just the way I am. So are YOU!

This year when we shop, let us pray for the perfect gift that someone might need or want. Let us seek the Lord to fill the desire of others hearts. It might be something as big as a house or a car, it might be money, it might be a blanket, it might even be a phone call or a hug.

In our conversations, let us pray that we might speak to the weary what they need to hear. In our homes, let us bless them so that our friends and family can receive the warmth and comfort that they need. Let us forget the tendency toward ostentatiousness for impression, and give the gift of practical expression. Others need your love this Holiday and your resumé exudes endless amounts of love! As we strive this year to give and serve… there will be nothing “the same” about it!

God Bless you this Holiday Season, we have so much to be thankful for,

Love Always-


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