Today’s principle focus is on being childlike and the joy that our Father has when we trust Him for everything.

Scripture of the day:The LORD protects those of childlike faith; I was facing death, and he saved me. Psalm NLT 116:6

Today’s Positive Words of Affirmation and Encouraging Words to Live By:“Today I will look to the lighter side of life, I will embrace and trust God, standing in awe and expectant of His Mighty power and gentle touch.”

Where do I see myself on a scale of 1-10 in the area of being in “Childlike faith”? 6 Where do you see yourself on a scale of 1-10, in childlike faith?

Saying that we have outgrown this house would be an understatement. We have maxed out our 1100sq ft, using the garage, the backyard, the bedrooms… everywhere there is either stuff or a kid!


…”The LORD protects those of childlike faith”

To me this means that as long as we stand in awe of Him, being mindful of Him and His presence, trusting that He will provide for us in the best way possible, He will protect us and save us. The house that we are in today, is a daily reminder to me of the growth that we have come through. Nearly three years ago, we were living high on the hill in a house five times the current houses size, we had three cars, a pool, two kitchens and though we were renting it we had serious plans to buy it. My daughter Madeline had cows to look at through her bedroom window, she loved those cows.

We “had” it all, but we were not happy. 5,000 sq. ft, was consumed and not in joy either. Jeff and I were bonded by bills and a lifestyle that was heavy on debt, self-satisfaction, and we were greedy for more. We had used up all of our faith “getting”, what we had. Then we had no room left in us for God to give us anything. In a sense we had shut God out, and quit inviting Him to His own party. (Our success!) We had traded in Word time for TV time, audio tapes for secular music, and church outings for parties with the “in” crowds. Our faith was totally depleted, and we were left voided out. Unless you have been both poor and rich, you may never understand this. In our early marriage (when we were eating potatoes at every meal and had holes in our clothes) I used to laugh at people who said money wasn’t everything… I wanted it, and thought that I was willing to have it no matter what!


The only thing in my opinion, that saved us, from dying up on that hill was our discipline to pay our tithe. Yes, tithe (Jesus tithed too, you better believe it!). Every paycheck from the beginning of our marriage we have given 10% gross of it to the church. It started out at when we were first married at just 100-200$ a month, we have had the opportunity to write a few $10,000 tithe checks as well, at the height of our W2 income earnings, then it feel back down again. (Now we are both in our own businesses and have moved out of the W2 business model) How exactly did tithe save us?

When the temptation came to stop going to church, we did. When temptation came to stop reading the Bible, we did. When temptation came to stop listening to sermons, we did.

The only thing that kept us mindful of Him in our lives was our childlike faith in THIS scripture: Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts.”” Mal 3:10-11

The act of regular and disciplined tithing kept us mindful of our relationship to God, our faith in Him, and in His Word and through this scripture, we were given strength when everything started to fall apart.


We had stood in faith for a long time before we started making money, and lost our first love. It wasn’t like we had begun doing evil things, we had just waxed cold (if you know what I mean). We started down a slippery slope, and if it wasn’t for the sheer discipline of writing a tithe check out every two weeks, we might have been lost entirely. Praise God I will never know! We reached the top (for the job and income that Jeff was in), and as we had plateaued and felt stuck, (broke at a high level) we decided to sow a seed for debt deliverance. What we got in turn was unemployed, loss of house, repossession of cars, and selling of all our furniture. God is in the business of redemption however, and as we were selling our last bits and pieces that represented the old life, we exhaled. We had sold everything, lost everything, but turned back to god and His ways… let me tell you I know first hand His ways are better than ours!


Since the whole debacle, we have fallen in love with God again, we are actually in better position than ever before now as business owners. We are choosing to pay cash for everything we have even taking communion to “never borrow again”. We are standing in faith to pay cash for a house! We have fully committed to let the Lord pay all of His bills, and He is continuing to pay them. Like little children, when we have a need, we go to Him and ask. We have chosen to not go to the bank, or to our family, we go direct. We have learned that there is a God, and He pays well… when you give Him a chance to pay! In these last three years we have dove headfirst back into the sermons, the books, the Bible, the praise and worship. We have even been invited to be guest speakers for four days in Kenya, Africa at a marriage and family conference! Now, as I sit in my little house, on a sunny street, with a little one attached to every side I pray prayers of thanksgiving. We are no longer shackled to debt and interest, and bills that we can not pay. Our one car is nearly paid off and with 146,000 miles on it, it has never looked so ‘sexy’! Right now I am looking at my dog on the floor, who has been through it all with us. He will never remember the old house and all the stuff. He has the faith that everyday that he wakes up, he will be with us. Today I will focus on remembering that everyday is a day that I will wake up and be with God. In my life I have had periods of forgetfulness, but from here on out I will focus on Him. Each day I write, is another day to Praise. Thank you God, thank you Jesus, and thank you for given me the discipline to tithe. Who would have ever thought.

My Prayer Today,
Father God, encourage your children today who have had it all and “lost” it. Remind them that as long as they have hope they have everything. Give them the knowledge to know what to do to get through their respective situations. Thank you for the future and the knowledge that I have that this time around on our way to financial success, we are doing it in You, and debt free! In Your Sons Name, AMEN!

May God Bless you today as you go through life’s challenges, may you be found with the faith of a child,

Love Always,


Did you know???

That John D. Rockefeller, at one point the richest man in modern history, from his very first paycheck, tithed ten percent of his earnings to his church. As his wealth grew, so did his giving, primarily to educational and public health causes, but also for basic science and the arts. His net worth would have been $663.4 billion in 2007 dollars!

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