Today’s principle focus is on courage and even though the day is over for me, today and in the upcoming days, I will focus on courage because walking in courage is a great daily practice.

Scripture of the day: The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, “Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.” Acts 23:11

Today’s Positive Words of Affirmation and Encouraging Words to Live By:“From this day forward I will keep in mind that I have a job to do that is bigger than just me, this work is more than a responsibility, it is an honor.”

Where do I see myself on a scale of 1-10 in the area of “Courage”? 7 Where do you see yourself no scale of 1-10, in courage?

Sitting stored in my computer is 166 page manuscript. In my opinion it is very good. Simple, easy to read, and relatable. In all honesty, I am two weeks away from finishing it and sending it to its final destination… the printer.


The problem is, that I have been saying “two-weeks”, like a broken record for over six months. Maybe even longer. Day after day passes. and I have let myself get tripped up by house cleaning, child raising, web site building, etc. Mindless things that don’t get me closer to the destination of FINISHING THE BOOK. Could I get a babysitter? Yes. Could I steal away for an afternoon or two? Quite possibly. So where is the hesitation coming from?

Well, I guess the hesitation starts with where it all started, my family. My little ten year old sister wants to know what the book is about, my Aunt and Grandma want a signed copy. I am sure my dad will want to read it… everyone everywhere in my own flesh and blood. Ok, so what if what I wrote about won’t exactly please them? In this lies the problem. In this, is where I need the courage.


There is nothing in my book that speaks ill of my family, it is all an open dialogue about where I was before I surrendered everything to God and the Word. My family had issues, all families have issues. I talk openly about sex, relationships, persecutions, and adult situations. (None in a poor light mind you, just a who-I-was-before-I-met-Jesus-light) So no little sister, you won’t be able to read it. Yes, Auntie, I will sign it. But I don’t know what you will do with it! It is probably too big to be a coaster!

So I have hesitated, but I would ask you to forgive me, I have hesitated in selfish sheepish desire. The Lord has done such a marvelous work in my life! Taking me from barren to multiplied, homeless to home free, bonded to loose and unlovable to lovely! I truly became wholehearted and I am confident that anyone can apply the principles in my book to becoming wholehearted too.

Today I will get back to work, today I will display more courage than ever before! This is HIS work, not mine!


… the Lord stood near Paul and said, “Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.”

Going beyond our four walls always takes courage and the heart of a Rockstar. Even the Apostle Paul needed en couragement to leave where he was familiar and go on to something new. The same Paul that we read about who went all over evangelizing, even Paul needed a push from the Lord! What do you need a nudge or a push to do? What has been weighing down on your heart, forever it seems? Is it a business, a trip, a message, a piece of art? What can you do better than no one else in this world can do? What are you called to be testifying

about??? You bring Jesus with you everywhere you go, when you are in Him. Don’t be afraid to sell, bake, talk, meet, great, entertain, if the Lord has told you to do… today we focus on DOING!



Courage is like a river untamed, wild and rampant ready to be ridden.


Fear is like the inside of a closed box, dark, enclosed and always left hidden.

My Prayer Today,

Father God, give Your blessed ones courage today Lord. Stand beside them and let then feel You deep within. Show them that keeping their gifts to themselves was not Your intention when You were giving them out. You are the Master encourager and creator of faith. Give us COURAGE today oh God! In Your Son Jesus’ name I pray AMEN!

May God Bless you today as you are filled with courage to do what you have been called to do!

Love Always,


Did you know???

7 October 1927, Mercedes Gleitze became, at her eighth attempt, the first British woman to swim the English Channel (It is about 560km (350mi) long and varies in width from 240km (150mi) at its widest, to only 34km (21mi) in the Strait of Dover). She swam from France to England in 15hours 15minutes.

Because of a claim which was so

on proven to be false, by a Dr. Dorothy Cochrane Logan (using her professional name, Mona McLennan), to have swum the Channel on 11 October in the faster time of thirteen hours and ten minutes, Gleitze’s own claim was cast into doubt.

To silence the doubters, Gleitze decided to repeat her feat in what was called “the vindication swim”. On 21 October she entered the water at Cap Gris Nez. But this time the water was much colder, and she was unable to complete the crossing. She was pulled semi-conscious from the water after 10hours 24minutes, some seven miles (11km) short of the English shore. She might have been disappointed at not completing the swim, but after witnessing her strength, courage, and determination, nobody doubted the legitimacy of her previous swim, and she was hailed as a heroine.

As she sat in the boat, one journalist made an incredible discovery and reported it in The Times as follows: “Hanging round her neck by a riband on this swim, Miss Gleitze carried a small gold watch, which was found this evening to have kept good time throughout.” This was one of the first Rolex Oyster waterproof watches which the director of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, had asked her to wear during her repeat attempt, and her feat was subsequently used in advertising by Rolex.

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