Are You Ready to Be Assertive?

I find it very interesting when I looked up the word “assertive” in the dictionary that the sentence example of use was: Patients need to be more assertive with their doctors.

As 2012 came around the corner I have heard this word “ASSERTIVE” more and more in my spirit as the word … FOR THE YEAR.

You Are Called to Be ASSERTIVE

  • “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 NIV84
  • “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.” Matt 24:42
  • “What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’” Mark 13:37

The Lord says “WATCH”! This is what He says to everyone, I believe He says this about many things and NOT just in relation to His return. How good is an army if it is not assertive, coherent or observant?

We once knew a man who while at war was held up in a fox hole and in charge of deploying grenades. There was an instance when he had just pulled a grenade pin and while he had his thumb on the safety, ready to throw his bunker was hit. You know this man lay unconscious for quite a while holding the safety on that grenade! He said after he came back from consciousness, he had a terrible cramp in his hand and didn’t know why… it wasn’t until he looked down at his hand that he saw he was still clenching that explosive! His subconscious mind (and I am sure the angels surrounding him) had held that explosive at bay until he was coherent enough to get back into battle – AMAZING!

This is the type of assertion that I believe that we need to partake in 2012. Would this man have stayed alive if he had been inebriated? Would he have been able to get back into battle if he had been half asleep? Heaven’s NO! Maybe some of you, well most of you were asleep at the wheel in 2011, today’s wake up call is to ASSERT yourself to future opportunities, take the reigns and WATCH!

But Aren’t We Supposed to REST?

Yesterday, January 3rd I wrote an article called: The Price of Success and The New Year: BURNOUT  . Please understand that being assertive and overworking are not the same thing. Assertive people are sharp people and can see situations unfolding before their very eyes. They can easily smell a rat (or a good deal) and they act on their hunches. A way for you to “take charge” and be more assertive may be to run every morning, get a new hair color or cut, buy some new clothes in a new style, reinvent your branding to others. What have people said about you in the past – do you need to change their image of you? Maybe it is time to hang up the dog collar necklaces, the stuffy white shirts, the mom pants or the baby-girl pig tails? Perhaps 2012 is your year to be proactive and take that proverbial bull by the horns!

“Patients need to be more assertive with their doctors”

That sentence is so telling that it is nearly prophetic. How readily do we “trust” the experts over the Lord? Here you have even the Merriam-Webster Dictionary telling people in their sentence example that: “Patients need to be more assertive with their doctors” what does this mean? It means take charge of your own life. Don’t accept a mans “diagnosis” or “opinion” as the final say for YOU. Go into your 2012 and all your upcoming situations standing tall with a strong back and a watchful winner’s eye, it WILL pay out… being watchful always does!


  1. Brush your teeth at least twice daily (Simple I know, but you would be surprised how confidence building having fresh flossed teeth and fresh breath is!)
  2. Take the time to shower daily (In Leviticus the Bible talks repeatedly about washing our hands and the benefits of cleanliness. Women wear shower caps if you hair is perfect and shower anyway, showering at night before bed can also help you sleep at night)
  3. Eat fruits and veggies MORE often than meat (While meat can be a good additive to a diet, it is not intended to BE your diet. Eating fruits and veggies primarily is LOW in cost and HIGH in fiber which can give more oxygen to your brain and aid you in your assertive thinking process)
  4. Start your day AFTER your devotional and morning exercise (This year I have started something new. I used to try and wake up at 5 every morning to do my devotional and exercise, but this never worked for me. Instead this year, I am not allowing my day to officially “start” until after I have woken up, spent time in the Word, and gone for my morning run. I USED to think my day “started” when my eyes opened in my bed. Now I don’t let my day start until after first things first)
  5. Take time to rest and THINK (Instead of just barreling through your day, how about every time you take a minute to look at your watch to see what time it is… you take some time to think. Look at what time it is, take a deep breath and think of what you can do in your next recovery period to just relax. Have a cup of coffee, eat a cookie, walk the dog, play on the floor with your kids. If you find yourself looking at your watch, chances are you are anxious about something. Stop the anxiety and replace it with assertion. Assert yourself to “do” something productive to overcome your problems, and rest while you think. NO TV, NO MUSIC, just REST and happy THOUGHTS. Kind of like pixie dust, rest + happy thoughts = soaring through the issues of life!)
May God Bless you as you assert yourself to greatness!
Sincerely your friend,








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