Are You Faithful or Just Full of… Hard Work?

We must be found “clean” down to even the minutest detail, from what we say to what we think… even to what we become witness to.

Walking Around Without Mud on Your Face

The thing a wicked man fears shall come upon him, but the desire of the [uncompromisingly] righteous shall be granted. Proverbs 10:24 AMP

Why do you wash your face? I mean, you don’t really have to. It won’t fall off, it won’t cause you to get sick… it would just be “dirty”. Yet, we still go through the process of washing and cleaning our faces so we can be “presentable”.

In the proverbs 10:24 amplified scripture, one cannot overlook this stanza without interest: “the desire of the [uncompromisingly] righteous shall be granted”. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Having your DESIRE granted?

While the Lord is the Mastermind and He has a timing that is perfect- this scripture holds within it a critical key to unlocking our answered prayers and “granted desires”. All who “desire” their prayers to be answered must walk righteous and uncompromisingly. What does THAT mean? Very much like not leaving the house with mud on your face… our prayers will begin to be answered as we choose to walk cleanly and NOT compromise in what and how we handle our everyday situations. We must be found “clean” down to even the minutest detail, from what we say to what we think… even to what we become witness to. For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7

A witness ALSO is an observer.

We Are MORE Than Just Message Deliverers- We Are Observers

For you will be His witness unto all men of everything that you have seen and heard. Acts 22:15

We know from scripture that we are called to be “WITNESSES” of Christ, and that we are to tell others about Him, but being a witness for Christ doesn’t stop at just TELLING others about Him- it also means we are to be WITNESS only of things that glorify Him! A witness ALSO is an observer.

When you decide that the beer isn’t working for you, the casual sex isn’t satisfying, the endless shopping isn’t filling you up- one of two things will happen:

  1. You WILL either turn to God and faith, and pray to “feel better” by being willing to “clean up your life”. OR
  2. You will begin to WORK harder than you have ever worked before, and there will be NO rest.

While the opposite of “faith” is fear. Many of us translate our FEAR into “work”. A completed Christian who communicates regularly with their Father understands the delicate balance between the two, (Faith and Work, Rest and Play) but a person who has NO discernment and NO voice of the Lord to follow and draw from will either GIVE UP their cares and begin TRUSTING in the Lord (Wanting to hear from Him) … or GIVE INTO their cares to an “inward strength” and attempt to solve lives nuances with endless WORK. Walking with God “uncompromisingly” simply means giving up and trusting 100% in the Lord (AND HIS POWER), and putting away and behind you all things that compromise the Word. The Word as a source, comes from our time spent reading the Bible, memorizing and LIVING by it. It in its very nature builds faith once it has been sown into our hearts. One of Jesus’ disciples asked Him, “How is it that you are going to reveal yourself to us and not to the world? Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.” (Read John 14:22-23)

What Is Your Tendency… WORK or REST in Faith?

Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.” Gal. 3:13

But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. John 14:26

There are only two choices in life, whether you choose to admit that or not. Even if you believe in evolutionism your only two choices are- evolutionism vs Creationism. In life, there are only two choices- FAITH or FEAR. It is only by God’s grace and through His Counselor, that we are able to “IN FAITH” seek Him and ASK Him the who, what, when, where, how and WHY we should be doing and what we should be “working” on. Seeking God TAKES faith, IS faith, and REQUIRES faith. Hard work alone requires nothing but PHYSICAL ability. This physical power alone, NEVER lasts and is never the solution- but 99% of the time, ALWAYS causes our problems.

“Old Faithful” 100% reliable… 100% pure. Bull- here today, gone tomorrow.


For only we who believe can enter his rest. As for the others, God said, “In my anger I took an oath: ‘They will never enter my place of rest,'” even though this rest has been ready since he made the world. Hebrews 4:3 NLT

There is nothing wrong with hard work. But there is something wrong with trying to improve on God. God + House, God + Spouse, God + Car, God + Kids… is NO better than GOD alone. As you begin to walk in faith, righteousness and as an uncompromising (a FIRM NO means NO, and YES means YES) follower of Christ, you will begin to see your prayers getting answered and your life cleaning up. Being in FAITH will give you a “good work” to do, WORK alone… will only give you MORE WORK.

God has a rest for you that you have never experienced, if you have not yet SOLD out to Him 100%.

What is your movie watching habit, your friends, your dress, your book reading? Do you have gossip magazines, and sit-coms, and pornography on the web? Have things that once were not ok… become ok to you now? Has others agendas left you asking… is there any hope? Has that which God has called abominable become funny to you? (Rev 21:8) Do you find yourself laughing at others misfortunes instead of praying for them? THEN REPENT! Ask the Lord to forgive you, and recommit again to follow after Him! Jesus! The Son of God!… HE IS CALLING OUT FOR YOU AND HE WANTS YOU BACK!

Guess what… Give it up and commit to JUST GOD- JUST JESUS, ALL THE TIME 24/7… and you just might find yourself being BLESSED!

May God Bless you my friends, as you remember WHOSE YOU ARE,

Love Always-


Jessica Heilman is a Christian author, Preacher, wife and mother of 5. She blogs daily on life, family, and her walk with Christ in a modern and Biblically-applicable way. She believes that the Bible is timeless, and that it is THE foundational reading for the 21rst Century in regards to wholehearted living. Her mission daily: to do everything she possibly can to hasten the return of the coming Christ.

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