Are You A LONG-Term Thinker ? Don’t Trade Your Future For A Clean House!

Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper. Proverbs 13:4 NLT

Long Term VS Short Term

Let’s play a little game! FUN! Games! Let us find out if we are LONG TERM or SHORT TERM thinkers… shall we?

1. Cereal or Eggs?

2. Dried Pasta or Rotisserie Chicken?

3. Savings or Investments?

4. Specialty Coffee or House Brew?

5. Pancakes, bacon, and eggs 0r egg white omelet and whole wheat toast?

Have you caught on where we are going with this?

If you chose cereal for breakfast, instead of buying eggs that need to be cooked in the morning-you more than likely do not have much time in the morning to do things (or you are allergic to eggs). Quick breakfast eaters RUSH out the door and if they even eat breakfast AT ALL.

CEREAL = SHORT TERM. (Long term thinkers take more time to do things)

If you chose the chicken for dinner, instead of putting something like dried pasta on the menu, then you more than likely are not concerned with the cost financially or physically, for eating a whole chicken in a single sitting. “RIGHT NOW” people usually ONLY have at max 20 minutes to cook AND eat. Whereas pasta takes time to cook, is less fattening (when cooked from the whole wheat variety), and forces you at least one vegetable exchange (the sauce).

CHICKEN = SHORT TERM (Long term thinkers tend to think in terms of value for their dollar, are more patient for the return on their investments and WANT to be healthy because they know they will be around FOR-THE-LONG-HAUL)

If you chose Savings, over investing your money, than you have to consider the fact that “saving” money for a rainy day-IS NOT THE SAME AS INVESTING IT. Investments take patience, long term thinking, and strategy. Very FEW people chose to think in terms of investment. People who save all of their money without having any of it go out-are typically people who think short term. Your savings WILL ONLY LAST AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT GET SPENT. Short term thinking can ONLY function with limited quantities. Investments however, will grow AND CONTINUE to grow, as long as they continue to be sewn into a growth industry. Personal growth and spiritual development in Christ is THE number one most valuable investment one can make!

SAVINGS = SHORT TERM (Long term thinkers understand the sowing and reaping process, and are willing to wait for a 30-60-hundredfold return)

People in relationships who think “long-term”, realize that offenses may come and go, but in the long run- the temporary offense, no matter how big- doesn’t even matter.

Long Term Thinking

Long term thinking benefits us in the sense that those who think LONG TERM tend to get less excited or emotional when dealing with tough issues. As Christians, we should ALL be long term thinkers- WE HAVE ETERNITY. For us, there should be no hurry, worry, or fear found in us- because we have read the end of the Book (the Bible) and have found out that WE WIN!

Long term thinking reminds us that there is a long term plan for our life. When we trust the Holy Spirit to guide us each step of the way, those of us who choose to think long term KNOW THAT WE CANNOT FAIL! Some things just take time. Are you where you were at 6 years ago… what makes you think that whatever you are going through RIGHT NOW is what you will be going through 6 years from TODAY?

Short Term Thinking

Short term thinking is rash, emotional, and desperate. “I MUST DO THIS THING RIGHT NOW” often hinders our ability to listen to God #1 and do what HE asks us to do RIGHT NOW. Fretting and making busy work reminds me of the story of Mary and Martha. One sister sat at the feet of Christ and listened to Him teach while the other  sister was frantically cleaning and cooking for her visitors. Jesus calls out to her to “STOP” and to see that her sister (the one sitting at his feet) is being BLESSED by Him for doing nothing. DON’T TRADE YOUR FUTURE FOR A CLEAN HOUSE, take the time to sit at the feet of your Father- and learn!

Relax, enjoy,breathe… today is the day TO REST IN HIM!

Stopping and listening to God to teach us, is the very best thing that you can do to cement your long term future and strength in Him. Being able to see yourself getting through all of life’s petty challenges over the long haul, will make you a most effective human and a on-fire-for-God Christian! Seeing the end of the road way ahead, gives you the advantage, and has a pay out better than any winning Lotto ticket. Relax, enjoy, breathe… today is the day TO REST IN HIM!

God Bless you friends as you rest in Him-

Love Always, Your Friend-


Jessica Heilman is an author, wife and mother of 5. She blogs daily on life, family, and her walk with Christ in a modern and Biblically-applicable way. She believes that the Bible is timeless, and that it is THE foundational reading for the 21rst Century in regards to wholehearted living. Her mission daily: to do everything she possibly can to hasten the return of the coming Christ.

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