The Vision

The Desired Outcome: To observe first hand, in our lifetime, the restoration of the family unit through Wholehearted living in Christ.

The Purpose: To answer God’s call on our lives by leveraging our gifts toward the restoration of the family. We believe that the restoration of the family unit is the missing link to whetting the appetites of unsaved peoples and nations with the “God kind of love” available through Jesus Christ.

The Mission: Our mission is the restoration of the family unit to a position of prominence, admiration, and reverence to all those who have previously been let down by “religion”. Allowing the light of Christ and His love for us all to shine from inside out, starting first at home.

Plan of Action: This will be accomplished through first preaching the gospel and ministering “wholeheartedness” principles to individuals, and second through promoting man and woman relationships that honor God. Help spread the word!