Meet Jessica

Jessica Heilman, Founder WHM

Jessica Heilman is a native Californian and has lived in California nearly her whole life. To her, everything about California means “home”. The sandy beaches, the sunsets, the mountains and especially the people. Growing up very familiar with divorce and its after effects, Jessica and her husband Jeff vowed to NEVER get divorced. In California, where the divorce rate is extremely high, the institution of marriage is consistently being threatened. Jeff and Jessica both believe that divorce was never intended in God’s plan for His people, and as a result Jessica began WHM with a vision to empower couples and singles everywhere to read and believe in the WORD OF GOD, and recognize the reality of their completion in Christ Jesus. TODAY.

“It is our goal as a Ministry to encourage, preach and promote ‘Wholeheartedness in Jesus’. When you know who you are in the Word, and what the Word says about you, you won’t be able to be persecuted by identity anymore. You will experience the freedom of life without labels or limitations.” – Jessica

Jeff and Jessica have been married for nearly 16 years, they have a bird, and a dog, and are expecting their sixth child in November! Jessica has preached on the message of “wholeness in Christ” for the last 3 years, and has been invited to teach in Africa, Pakistan, and recently India. In 2011, Jessica was awarded with the 2011 Taffi Dollar “Radi Award” for excellence in moving from faith to faith, presented at World Changer’s Church International, Atlanta Georgia. receives thousands of visitors a week, and has become a global site. Jessica’s first book, Wholehearted: How I Received Healing From the Inside Out and You Can Too!Will be available soon!

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