A New Marriage in Christ, Susan’s LOVE story

” My husband and I have been clean and sober and we have only God to thank for our new life in Jesus, our new life in our new bodies!!!”

My husband, Tharin, brought me to Tombstone. We met on a singles talk line and married a year in a half later.

We were both on drugs at the time, and it just got worse with our addiction to meth. We both were miserable, mean to each other to the point of hate and almost killing each other, he and I both cheated on each other, our home & our marriage was falling apart.

I was very much into tarot/fortune telling, using a pendulum, hypnotizing, and getting pretty close to getting heavy into witchcraft but the Lord let me know that these things were wrong for me to do.

I was a Buddhist for 20 years but never reached the point of “enlightenment” as I read in my Buddhist studies. The Lord has always watched over me even when I didn’t know him personally.

My husband went to prison 4 years ago and still has 4 more years to do. He is doing time in Kingman. Yes, it is very far from home. I became a Christian almost 4 years ago, and when my husband went to do his time, he became a Christian too….Praise the Lord!

Our love for each other is far better now than ever before, now that we have God in our lives…God fixed what was broken which was us! Thank you Jesus! Our meth addiction is no more!

My husband and I have been clean and sober and we have only God to thank for our new life in Jesus, our new life in our new bodies!!! I told my husband that I am HIS servant now and forever, HIS meaning God. It is very difficult at times, but I know God will bring my husband home, when it is HIS will to do so.

My husband and I visit each other only two or three times a year, due to my financial status is very limited…but when we see each other we see what God has done for us and how much HE loves us, and so we love God…and when we do love HIm, we can love each other even better and better everyday.

I never thought that love could grow and grow as time goes on, but we endure whatever together because the Lord strengthens us to do so…so that we can, one day, have a marriage that God intended us to have, and wanted for us, to be happy & blessed, & loving one another.


Susan & Tharin Dominguez

Tombstone, Arizona

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