30 Days Devoted to KIDS: Day 30 – UPSET TUMMIES


Mommy… I don’t feel sooooo – goooo- URP !

Throwing up is something nobody wants to talk about, and yet every parent has to deal with it (believer or not). In honor of our little ones going back-to-school I thought I would begin a series totally devoted to kids and how I as a mom of 6 have dealt with certain issues. For the next 30 days I am going to cover my “smartest” and “dumbest” moments in child raising pertaining to certain issues, today we cover (GULP) throw-up and upset tummies.


The smartest move I ever made in dealing with the stomach flu was when I had a plastic trashcan available on hand complete with a clean garbage bag inserted in it. At the slightest mention of an upset tummy before bed, having these two tools at-the-ready prevented the inevitable rush trip and miss of the toilet. As a child, I can remember sleeping better knowing that a cold soup pot (the “barf” bucket of my day) was next to me, and I wouldn’t have to jog on a whim.


One of the dumbest moves I ever made regarding upset tummies involved a McDonald’s yogurt parfait and a road trip. For whatever reason, combining yogurt and a moving car has never worked for us as a family. Whether it was one of my sons or my daughter, if they ate yogurt and drive in a car THEY WILL THROW-UP. Dumb move #1, combining yogurt and movement. Dumb move #2, attempting to “catch” the barf in a McDonald’s paper bag. Just a heads up – if your child is going to get car sick DO NOT USE paper thin bags to catch it. As a matter of fact if road trips are your thing, carry plastic bags with you… BIG ONES.

Pray for protection

Ultimately, all we as parents can do is continue to pray for our children’s safety and good health. For me, learning tricks of the trade like having a “designated bucket” stashed under the sink in the bathroom aids to my ability to parent six children with more ease than being unprepared. Praying for your children’s health and using your wisdom to encourage your children to wash their hands before they eat, drink plenty of water and eat good foods is a great way to get through the “UPS” and downs of raising kids… here is to a HEALTHY DAY!!


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