From the first day I held our little Madeline, I knew she was different. Instead of crying like her brothers, she would “coo”. Instead of wild arm movements, her delicate newborn arm would wipe her forehead and she would sigh. To this day when she comes into our room in the morning she always cheerfully says, “GOOD MORNING!” Girls are a blessing… so are boys.


One of my smartest moves as a mom of a girl, was to recognize from the beginning that even though our daughter was capable of doing everything her brothers did she was a different kind of person. Constantly in an upbeat frame of mind, sensitive, caring and emotional she would care for bugs while her brothers would collect them for experiments. For us, treating Madeline like a boy would have been a big mistake! Recognizing that she loves Princesses, tea parties, and ponies adds flavor to our overwhelmingly “boy” house, and she changes our environment for the better. As a mother of a girl, I have become better.

Since she has been a little girl I have always “overdone” things on the feminine side with Madeline (named after the little French girl in the story books). I am sure it has been due to the fact she has two older brothers. I have always dressed her in dresses, put her in pink, and made sure she has had dollies and china dishes to eat off of. Having one daughter and five sons has challenged me to balance the ‘girl vs boy’ environment with tender loving care. If it weren’t for Madeline, I am afraid we would all be hanging from the ceiling and wearing mud as a color!


The dumbest move as a mother of a girl I have ever made was to give the ‘squeeky wheel’ too much grease. There is a saying in our culture that when you give the noisiest person the most attention the others go unnoticed. This certainly has been the case in our house. Four screeching, climbing, tumbling boys can take a lot of attention whereas one little girl who likes to remain silent can be overlooked. Whenever I give too much constant attention to the boys, our Princess can be overlooked. If this is the case in your family, taking your quiet one out to a soda for some one-on-one time getting a manicure together, or even a little shopping can do wonders!

Girls & Boys Are Different, But Neither Are Better

It has been in my experience that girls and boys are very different, but neither one is “better” than the other. God has made each of us for different roles. Women have the sensitivity to be mothers and encouragers, while men have the boldness to venture out and explore new horizons and compete with each other for the best positions in society. Girls and boys are different, but neither one is better. We as a diverse population add balance and culture to this planet, and if we were all the same there would be no fun in it at all!


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