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There is a Place Where You Can Always SPEAK UP

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1


What price would you pay for the capability to speak?

What would you give in order to have the confidence to address?

Is their a pain that has gone so deep that you cannot find your tongue?

Has the weight of your transgressions become an anchor to the lifting up of your voice?

Sing your praise to the Lord in times when you find yourself mute to others,

go away to the secret place and fall down in worship to the Lord who hears!

You once spoke only what was acceptable,

You were forced by the need to speak only what was understandable to your peers!

You barely spoke AT ALL!

And yet here in the safety of the secret place,

You may speak open and freely,

Communicating to your Father all that you have been longing to say!

As the blind man sees with vision,

And the deaf man hears with his heart,

The mute cry out in the secret place of the Lord most High with the eloquence of Kings!

The Word For Today:

Unfortunately, many of us choose to not speak at all rather than speak to God! It is as if we have a heart and mind disconnect that keeps us from speaking in the quiet place of our home, in our car, or even in our closets! Today’s word is a word to remind us that rather than giving up and speaking to “no-one” causing us to refrain from our opinions and our hearts desires, there is a place that we can all go and speak like Kings!

Speaking like a King is speaking with authority, speaking with determination and majesty. This might not be possible in our jobs, relationships, etc. … yet … but it is ALWAYS possible within our prayer time and in the company of the Lord! How many times have you wanted to speak up or speak out and yet you were held back from being able to do so? CRY OUT TO GOD, He is always there, He is always listening, He always cares!

I once heard Bishop T.D. Jakes say, “My ministry really took off the day I stopped looking into the eyes of the people when I was preaching.” What a powerful word! If the timing is not yet right for you to “tell it like it is” out loud, instead of shutting up all together- let us begin to do what we can in private to practice that fine art of speech in the place where God resides- He is all ears and ready to listen!

God Bless you my friends as you begin to find your voice with the Lord! He will give you audience the more you practice and the more that you trust in Him and in His perfect timing!

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