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A Woman’s Incredible Testimony of a Lifetime, ‘Together Again’

“As you know… we are two very different kind of people.”


What an incredible opportunity to witness and to preach God’s amazing love! I am honored that you would consider me in your talk. One of the most incredible testimonies of this year and of this lifetime did sprout directly from your ministry: the kindling of the Holy Spirit’s fire in my husband. As you know we are two very different kind of people.

I’m ambitious, quick to pull the trigger, emotional, spontaneous, authoritative, dominating…you get the picture… the tigress of the household. But I did know that my domineering personality, while it served a purpose in some circumstances, it did not serve a Godly marriage. My husband on the other hand is cool, level-headed, patient, unwavering, predictable, and easy going. Obviously, that’s quite a cocktail that God put together, and it translated to a frustrating situation where I was making all the decisions and when results didn’t come, having to accept all the blame.

“… it was not merely an issue of not submitting to my husband”

And you really, ever so gently pointed out what I knew all along, but did not act upon; and that’s allowing my husband to be the head of the household. It was difficult for me to submit to someone soooooo passive, because it felt like nothing got done. But you and Jeff showed me that it was not merely an issue of not submitting to my husband, but submitting to God Himself, and His perfect will for my life and our marriage. And you gave me the practical steps of making that Truth real in my life.

You shared things like deferring decisions to him, (even the smallest ones, ie. What color plastic cups for the party? Red or blue?), speaking authority over our situation and finding scripture to back it, seeking God for His vision & not setting my own agenda, and trusting that God will restore all the “things” we’ve “lost” in this trial & will return a double portion of it on top of the restoration…. And all of that gave me the patience and the hope that my God can and will draw out the King in my man…. And on Aug 22, 2009 My husband encountered God on a camping trip, (and) It was like a light switch just flipped on. I don’t know what exactly happened, other than God just did a work in his soul which made him hungry for the things of God.

“Since then he has been praying spontaneously, speaking against generational curses, and reading his Bible.”

Since then he has been praying spontaneously, speaking against generational curses, and reading his Bible. Then God sent two godly men in his life which has allowed him to be mentored and to mentor. Now he sets his work schedule around Bible studies and his “man meetings” in the gym. While our finances and our household issues remain as they had before… I can see God raising him up so that he can take authority in these realms. (But) I had to believe it even before I saw anything. I had to just eat the Word from the Bible and from your ministry. And just stay close to you and anyone else who had been through a season like this. And the greatest thing is that God has been working in others because of what He’s done in our lives. Three of my good friends are going through separation/divorce/abuse in their marriage and I’ve been able to share in kind what God has poured out through your ministry to me. So all around… God has weaved an amazing and beautiful testimony in all of our lives and I am so grateful. Praise God for you, Jeff, and your phone/email/text ministry!

Thanks girlfriend!

E.Felix, San Jose, Ca

A note from Jessica,

If after reading the Felix’s testimony of being  wife in Christ, you feel led to share your personal story of God’s goodness, please do so! Your testimony according to Rev 19:10 IS the spirit of prophecy! It is through our testimony of Christ, that others are strengthened and encouraged that THEY TOO can win in life! Your testimony is prophetic!

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A Portrait of the Servant-Hearted Single

“The single man or woman of God can hear His direction and immediately act on it, without having to ask someone else’s opinion or permissions.”

Portrait of the Servant-Hearted Single: (An excerpt)

“The servant-hearted single has perhaps the best opportunity for ministry available to all of mankind! This man or woman of God can freely come and go, worship openly and unabated and can devote to God all of their attention!

The Apostle Paul wrote,

Now for the matters you wrote about: It is good for a man not to marry. But since there is so much immorality, each man should have his own wife, and each woman her own husband. I wish that all men were as I am. But each man has his own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that. Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I am. But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion. 1 Cor. 7 NIV

The servant-hearted single can come and go as they please, seeking to serve God and humanity while listening to Him with open ears. They can hear His direction and immediately act on it, without having to ask someone else’s opinion or permissions. A servant-hearted single can be diligently submitted to God and His will for their lives, as long as they take the time and discipline required to be still and know that He is God. (Psalm 46:10) A servant-hearted single can become expert in the art of; listen, pray and obey. “

Jessica Heilman, Author and Founder with Christ of Wholehearted Ministries

This excerpt taken from Jessica’s upcoming book, “Wholehearted: How I Received Healing from the Inside Out and You Can Too.” You can learn more of Jessica’s works, articles, and Ministry by visiting, a site devoted to inspiring you wholly, everyday for the rest of your life.

A Husband Shares His Testimony, and Begins to Win the Battle

South African Flag

Dear Jeff & Jessica,

I was encouraged to share our testimony after seeing the testimony recently posted by Wholehearted on FB.

I would like to appreciate the kind of friendship we have with you guys which started with my wife getting to know Jessica first. At first I was not sure where this was going, but I later discovered that my wife was having a heart-to-heart discussion with Jessica.

We have been going through some turbulent phase in our life and thank God that at the right time God made my wife and Jessica to connect so there could be an opportunity for both of them to share things and provide quality support to each other.

The advice my wife was getting from Jessica, managed to get me back to the right direction. I was somehow getting sidetracked and was not willing to provide leadership in this marriage to ensure that love and intimacy and faith in nurtured. I was struggling with some habits of about a decade that I think made me hard in my heart and I was slowly growing cold in my love for God and that of my wife.

“I am back and fighting for my life, my faith, my family, my career, my future!”

I have been to depths of sin but praise God that I am back and fighting for my life, my faith, my family, my career, my future!

My wife shared with Jessica about my problems and when I got to know about that I was angry but decided not to do anything because I realized how big the challenge she was facing in this relationship was. I also began to look inside me and realize that I am actually going down the drain.

My wife and Jessica were used by God-Jessica would encourage her, advise her and pray for her (even for me I believe). Although I was very difficult, emotionally cold, hostile and uncooperative, my wife managed to melt me down and convinced me that I needed to go to a men’s camp in our church here in South Africa. What a weekend I had, God confronted me about my life and my issues, I was crying tears the whole weekend and I can say that ever since I came back I have been a different person. We have had some bad moments, but God is helping us to listen to each other, to be sensitive to each other and to work through issues and resolve them.

I believe that from now on whatever battle or issues surface, we will be able to deal with them properly. I am also able to deal with my issues which I have been struggling with, and I am winning the battle. I have recently finished a very good book which helps married men deal with sexual purity in their lives and strengthen their marriages.

We are learning to fellowship with each and with God better now. Before I was not comfortable doing that with my wife. We are now enjoy sharing about what God is saying to each of us and are able to talk about the vision for the future and pray together.

We do appreciate the kind of attention that you guys are giving us, it means a lot to us. Jeff I do not know you much, and I have not even met you, we do not talk a lot about things, but you are like my own brother. I believe that there is a lot we will learn from each other about marriage, faith and life in general.

Continue to be a blessing to us and to others, one day we will be able to stand on a platform and talk to people about how the Lord helps you overcome challenges in marriage and in life and come out stronger than before.

God richly bless you!

Your friends in South Africa

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Gerry’s Son Has Returned! Let the Party Begin!

Hi Jessica,

I have enjoyed looking at your website and some of the testimonies on here. Here is another for you , about my son Gabe.

What father who loves God doesn’t love his son or sons. Children are a blessing from God and are to be treasured and nurtured. Gabriel Adam is my son and I am proud to call him that. God has used him to bless me in so many ways and I’ve known since he was very young that God has placed upon him a calling and has a wonderful plan for his life!

“As a father all I could do was pray…”

When Gabe was four years old he was kidnapped by his mom, who suffers from mental illness, and taken down to Massachusetts. I knew something wasn’t right when she hadn’t returned him home by supper time. Later that evening after exhausting all possible places she could have taken him, I called the police and put in a missing persons report. I remember spending the night on my office floor crying out to God that they would be found.

I couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing my little boy again. Many others were praying as well. At just after 10 am the next day I got a call from the police. They had been found in Springfield, a small city in the south of the state. My wife had taken the train down there at the directions of some people who had promised her that they could make Gabriel and her disappear. Before she got to call or meet them however, she suddenly felt ill and got it in her head she was dying of AIDS. She got the people at the train station to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital. At the hospital when they started questioning her she became guarded and began acting in a suspicious manner. Because of this and a hunch that the doctor had, they checked the missing persons report and sure enough their names came up right away. They took my wife into custody, and placed her in a psychiatric hospital and my son was given to child services until they could reach me.

They told me that it was really a miracle, and that if my wife had not gone to the hospital and instead called the people she was supposed to, I never would have seen them again. There were groups operating in the area that were into human trafficking. God had his hand on my son that day. It was a miracle!

A few years ago, Gabe turned 17 and stopped coming to church. He developed a relationship with a girl he had met online. It was a stormy relationship, and I watched him go through much hurt and turmoil. He told me he didn’t know if he believed in God anymore and asked how he could pray to someone he didn’t know was there. He told me he had been asking for a long time for God to reveal himself to him but God was so silent and wasn’t answering his prayers. As a father all I could do was pray, and look for opportunities to talk with him where I could put in an encouraging word. During this time, he also began drinking and tried pot. There were times where this girl really seemed to care about him and then the next day be so distant. At the same time she was dating my son, she would be having relationships with other guys as well. She would tell Gabe she needed him but didn’t feel anything for anybody. I would hurt as I would see my son in tears or filled with rage at the hurt he was experiencing.

“He didn’t know if he believed in God or not.”

A couple of weeks ago, he noticed an old friend from school online and decided to say hello. She asked him to go to CJYC, which is an annual youth conference held here in Montreal. Gabe had it in his mind that he just didn’t want to go, but his friend was persistent and when he said he didn’t have the money to go she told him if he went she would pay for him. Her persistence paid of and he agreed to go. The night before the conference he said his final goodbyes to the girl that had caused him so much pain and confusion and yet he loved so much. It hurt him, but he knew it had to be done.

The Friday night of conference he said was exhausted. He had only slept 2 hours, and kept falling asleep but when the alter call came. At first he hesitated, but finally went down to the front. It surprised him when a single tear fell from his eye and he asked himself where’d it come from.

He didn’t know if he believed in God or not. So the next day he decided he was going to go to every concert and every workshop he could. He was determined to hear God’s voice! At the end of the day the alter call was given once again and he didn’t hesitate this time. He prayed, “God if you are real, please reveal yourself to me.” He then heard a voice say, “Gabe I am real!”

It was like a dam burst in Gabe’s heart and he began weeping. The Lord showed him that he had written his story long ago, and that the way that his girlfriend had treated Gabe was the way Gabe had been treating God. Gabe finally understood the pain that he had been causing God and what it felt like when we ignore Him and run after other lovers. My son recommitted his life to Christ then and there and the Lord told him to go back to the church and bring his message to them.

“Don’t give up on your children.

If you have trained them up in the ways of the Lord, they will come back.”

My son gave this testimony the following Sunday at church, and I marvel at the change in him. God never lets go of those that are His. He is patient and nothing catches Him by surprise. God still has a lot of work to do in Gabe, as he does in all of us. He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6b (NKJV) His testimony touched us who sat there and listened to him as he told it. God is amazing. I love my son and I pray that he will be an inspiration for others. God is the one who named him, and as the angel Gabriel brought a message to those who needed to hear it, my son also brought a message as well.

Don’t give up on your children. If you have trained them up in the ways of the Lord, they will come back. Have faith and persevere in prayer. Trust God no matter how dark things may get. God has a plan.

Kill the calf we have been fattening. We must celebrate with a feast, for this son of mine was dead and has now returned to life. He was lost, but now he is found.’ So the party began. Luke 15:23-24 (NLT)

Gerry Desjardins

Gerry Desjardins is the worship pastor for the Servant’s House in Lasalle, Quebec, Canada.

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Bob and Tomoe, Together Since the 7th Grade!


Tomoe walked into my 7th grade English class, and it was absolutely LOVE at first sight!  I spent most of that year teasing her and finally asked her to “go” with me at the start of 8th grade.  Thirty years of marriage, three wonderful kids and I still get the same flutters when I speak about her.  God truly blessed me with my soul mate!

Like any other marriage, ours has had its ups and downs, highs and lows, but we have fortunately come through it all, without ever doing any unfixable damage. Being a US Marine wife was difficult on her as I was often gone for months at a time, while she carried the responsibility of raising our children alone.  Both of us being Christians obviously made a difference in keeping us together, during the rough spots.

“I also couldn’t fathom the idea that I was supposed to love God more than my wife.”

Even though we were both Christians, I hadn’t truly given God authority over all things in my life. Money and “things” were so important, that I struggled with just the thought of tithing or paying God first.  I also couldn’t fathom the idea that I was supposed to love God more than my wife. This seemed weird to me, as it also meant that she is supposed to love God more than me.  I was actually jealous of God.   I found ways to justify pornography, gambling and other things that I knew were wrong.  Since we were so happy together, I had convinced myself that we must be doing something right and it was all ok.

It wasn’t until we both truly committed our lives to God, and to his will (wholehearted), that I realized how far I had let the devil lead us astray from what God desires in a holy, God based marriage.  We both now love God so much and praise him for the blessing of this partnership he brought together for his purpose.  I cannot even imagine God not being first in all things.  Our finances now rightfully belong to him, and we have never lacked.  We guard the types of programs that we watch or are allowed in our home.  We study and claim his promises for our children and they have been blessed.  We are attending Bible College together so that we will be ready when God needs us.

“I honor and care for her as the bible instructs..”

We thought we loved each other before, but you can’t imagine how much more incredible that love is,  when your first love is Christ and you allow everything else to flow from that!  I even look at my spouse differently. She sparkles, because I know God gifted me with her.  I have absolute trust in her.  I honor and care for her as the bible instructs.   We start each day praising and praying together, eagerly anticipating what God may have planned for us together.  I have come to realize that I haven’t even scratched the surface of what “real love” is all about.  You can’t help but raise your arms in praise for your spouse, your marriage and his wonderful gift he’s given you!

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