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Today’s principle focus is on responsibility and the self confidence that comes from living a responsible life.

Scripture of the day:Brothers, each man, as responsible to God, should remain in the situation God called him to. 1 Cor. 7:24

Today’s Positive Words of Affirmation and Encouraging Words to Live By: “Today I will assume responsibility for myself and my family. If I want it done, there is no one better to do the job than me. I AM the right person for the job.”

Where do I see myself on a scale of 1-10 in the area of “Responsibility”? 7

Perhaps it was Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility playing about in my head last night before bed, or the fact that I am on Day 7 out of a 365 Day life change, but “RESPONSIBILITY” resounded as loudly as symbols clanking in my head when I woke up this morning! Each day, my dear readers, is a new day for me to write the HOT Topics. I do not craft them a week at a time, or reuse old material. Everyday is a new day, that I write about a principle that I am feeling the Lord wants me to focus on in my life. Today I am choosing to focus on becoming a more responsible and confident person.


Imagine with me for a moment, that you have found yourself working at Trump Plaza in Downtown New York with Donald Trump as your boss. You and two other co-workers are Mr. Trump’s private assistants and have been working for him for years. The Donald has decided to go abroad for six months, and has left you and your co-workers with a great responsibility. Each of you were left with at least 1,000$ to be in charge of, and you have no rules or instruction on what to do with it (but, as you know The Donald always has something up his sleeve).

You, having watched The Donald closely, have paid attention to all of his business dealings and the way that he works. You were able to take your 5,000$ and in six months turn it into 10,000$. Bob, your co-worker took his 2,000$, and he was able to do the same, also doubling The Donald’s investment. Charlie though, (the assistant who never really paid any attention whatsoever and was as irresponsible as the day is long), took his 1,000$ from The Donald and gave it back to him. He did nothing with the entrustment at all. For six months the money that he was given didn’t add any benefit to his life or to society. As a matter of fact Charlie told The Donald that he was afraid that he would do something wrong with it… so he didn’t even try!

Promptly, The Donald looks at you and says; “Well done, you watched me all these years and learned well! You have been responsible with a few responsibilities; I will put you in charge of many things! Come let us eat and celebrate together!” To Bob, he says the same, “Well done, you watched me all these years and learned well! You have been responsible with a few responsibilities; I will put you in charge of many things! Come let us eat and celebrate together!” Then to Charlie, he leans over and says.. “Charlie, YOU’RE FIRED!!”


Our lives are our responsibility. Just like in the illustration above, Charlie spent six months neither spending nor investing. Charlie lived out those six months doing nothing with the investment that Mr. Trump had given him. He on the contrary, he actually chose to live in fear that he would fail, so he chose to just sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by.

We are not called to sit on the sidelines, and this story isn’t original. It was first told over two-thousand years ago. Jesus told this story, and you can read it for yourself in Matt 25:19-28. In Jesus’ story, the “Charlie” character was called a wicked person and was rebuked because he didn’t even put the money in the bank to gain interest! His money that he “sat on” was quickly handed over to the man who had made the most. (In the case of The Donald, that would be you!)

Our lives are those talents. Our lives are what you make of the gifts God has given you. Today is a day to focus on being responsible with your gifts and talents. What is it that God has called you to do? What do you do better than everyone else? How can you make a difference? Letting your life go by, and not having done anything at all with it, then dying and being left to stand in front of God and say, “I was scared that I would fail, here you go, here is my life back”, will not please Him. He designed, breathed, and gave you life! He gave you gifts, talents, and opportunities! Today is THE DAY TO MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN WITH THEM!

My Prayer Today,
Father God, give us the wisdom how to be responsible with our lives today. Reveal to Your children their unique qualities and gifts. Everyone is given the measure of faith, and Father God I pray that You would stir up the passion and faith in Your children to step out and be bold, and take responsibility for their lives. The confidence and joy that will come from being the people that You desire them to be is… immeasurable! Show them today how it is that You desire for them to live; responsible, mature and confident men and women of God! In Your Son Jesus’ name AMEN!

May the Lord God Bless you today as you take responsibility for your life… and make something of it!

Love Always,


Did you know???

That the world famous Colonel Sanders launched his business at the age of 65, using his first Social Security check as start up funds.

A master of personal branding, Sanders leveraged his honorary “Colonel” title and constantly wore the stereotypical “southern gentleman” white-suit and black tie. The rocket like growth of KFC is now legendary, and prior to his death Colonel Sanders’ restaurant chain had achieved over 6,000 locations with sales of more than $2 billion.

During his entrepreneurial tenure Sanders met with the U.S. Congressional Committee of Aging and spoke against mandatory retirement, highlighting the love for work and the value of wisdom in the work place.

Today is Day 7 on Jessica’s 365 Days to a Whole New Me you can find all of Jessica’s previous “HOT Topics” at,


Today’s principle focus is on innocent thought and the revelation that comes from thinking without presumption or judgement.

Scripture of the day: . Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things. Phil 4:8

Today’s Positive Words of Affirmation and Encouraging Words to Live By: “Today, I will focus my energies on thinking only pleasant and innocent thoughts toward and about my fellow man.”

Where do I see myself on a scale of 1-10 in the area of “innocence and innocent thought”? 9

I have made it a strong and consistent habit to see everyone as good. I know how this may seem contrary to teaching, (that all men are sinners and worth nothing but judgement) but to me, all men and women are beautiful and in need of deliverance, compassion and understanding.


Today is a day to focus on innocent thought. Innocent thought makes room for new and fresh ideas. The person who takes the time to see people and things in an innocent light, will begin to grow a heart of compassion and understanding for the person being persecuted. The theory is that “everyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty.” (This proving process in the spiritual is intended for God alone) Today is a day to maintain that theory, and begin to put it into action in our lives.


Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Luke 6:37

I can not tell you how many articles, videos, tapes, and online media I have seen bashing fellow believers in Christ. I have seen men and women write and smear their brothers for having had affairs, been divorced, fallen into lascivious, being too rich, being too poor… it seems as if as soon as there is some “fall from grace”, they pounce on each other and are eager to prove their brother guilty of sin. Exposing their brothers sins to others becomes their life’s ambition.


How we think towards another human being, is solely our responsibility. We must maintain a diligent and innocent mind to see others as they can be, and not be waiting around for them to fail so that we can prove to others why we couldn’t be. Wanting a “rich” Christian to fail, just to prove to others that not having money is godly, really is just an excuse to not perform yourself. Wanting to be a “rich” Christian, and waiting around for “the wealth of the wicked to be given to you”, is another type of excuse not to work. This is not the way of God, work is good for you, God intends it for you, but He wants you to do it with an innocent mind.


Think about all the thoughts that you think in a day, think about all of your preconceived notions. Have you ever seen a “fat” man cross the street and you go out of your way to not approach him? What do you think about a woman clothed in fancy clothes, gold jewelry, extensions, make-up, and driving in a flashy car? Or what about the housewife who has bags under her eyes, and is found screaming at her out-of-control children at the coffee house? Is your thought process marred by guilty and negative thought to your fellow human being?

Today we choose to go deeper, and to think with an innocent and open mind toward all of God’s children, diligent to finding out the truth about others and allowing the truth to be revealed to us through, and in love. Today and in the future days to come, we will practice not judging and we will take the time to find out for ourselves about others, by leaving beyond all preconceived notions.

We will do the work and will probably find out that the “fat” man from across the street has just come out of the gym, after ordering a salad for lunch, and is trying to get his life back on track after his mother died from a year long battle with cancer.

We will take the time to talk to the woman who is next to her Mercedes, discovering that she just came back from a photo-shoot to promote her company and their message of hope. We will find out that she is more eager to go home and get into her favorite pair of jeans, than to be in her make-up and fancy clothes. The marketing department convinced her that dressing up sells the message best to public.

We will offer to pay for the stressed out mom’s coffee in front of us in line, we will talk to her, and discover that she has been working nights to put her husband through Medical School.

The media and devil has influenced us to look only at the dark side of man, everyone deserves your innocent thought, and as you choose to think innocently towards one another, you will see that revelation breaks through and possible thoughts will begin to outweigh negative ones. Jesus saw every man and woman as they could be. Innocent thinking, unlocks the door for possibility thinking. Today, I will show understanding and compassion to the frailty of humanity, and strive to guide men away from sin by treating everyone I meet as Christ treated me, and not accuse them of their actions.

My Prayer Today,
Father God, Your scripture says, “Do not judge, and you will not be judged.” That is a very bold idea. Here on the earth, we have found pride in judging each other, promoting our own righteousness. Forgive us Lord, promoting righteousness, by making others to look worse than us does nothing for You. You do not find pleasure in us when we expose the faults of others and accuse our brethren of failure, You find pleasure in us when we think praiseworthy thoughts. Give me strength over the adversary today to see the very best in everyone at all times. In Your Son Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

May the Lord God Bless you as you choose to be found innocent,

Love Always,


Day 5: ORDER

Today’s principle focus is on order and the strength that comes from having everything in its place.

Scripture of the day: . For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, rank after rank after rank of angels—everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him. He was there before any of it came into existence and holds it all together right up to this moment. And when it comes to the church, He organizes and holds it together, like a head does a body. Col 1:15 MSG

Today’s Positive Words of Affirmation and Encouraging Words to Live By: “Today, I will focus on putting something away where it belongs. I will remember that less is more, and I will be mindful that making room for things opens the door to new opportunities. With God’s strength, today I will focus on being accountable and responsible to clean up my own life.”

Where do I see myself on a scale of 1-10 in the area of “Order”? 4

God has an order about Himself. If you have ever noticed, things will always stay the same, kind after kind. Man has yet to birth a buffalo. Flowers stay flowers, stem, leaf, and bud. Mammals stay mammals, minerals stay minerals, etc. Not only is there order with kind producing after like kind, but there is also order according to rank. Our greatest establishments have a rank and file, starting with President moving down to Private.

Why then do our homes tend to have such an absence of rank? Why is it that we try so hard to go “out of order” in the house that we end up sacrificing ourselves to living amongst mess and disorder? It is in my theory that we work so hard on our jobs (that produce income) to achieve order for someone else, that our homes often end up receiving a rebellious spirit from us, and it really shouldn’t be so.


What is rebellion but the opposite of order? Anytime we feel like “sticking it to someone”, it is typically because we are tired of being pushed and ordered around by others. Our rebellion stems from a desire to be ones own man, to be free to be your own “boss” of your life. This is a great trait, this separates the fighters from the push-overs, the warriors from the victims. However, when our natural winning spirit turns toward rebellion we will have a serious problem. Accepting a spirit of rebellion to an “unfair” society, will turn to rebellion of our boss, spouse, and eventually toward God. Our lives will begin to feel disorganized, out-of-order and extremely painful. I would encourage everyone reading this today, to pray to be delivered from the spirit of rebellion, and ask the Lord to show you why , what has led you toward rebellion? Who hurt you so deeply that you began to accept chaos for order, and have fallen out of rank with God?


You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine. Teach the older men to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled, and sound in faith, in love and in endurance. Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God. Similarly, encourage the young men to be self-controlled. In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say aboutus. Titus 2:1-7

Today I am going to focus on this scripture, and take to heart what only I can do. Yesterday, we talked about the difference between man and animal. Today I am going to use that difference in the realization that only I can clean my house. MY DOG CAN NOT CLEAN MY HOUSE. Would it be nice to have a house maid to clean for me? Yes, but when I take control and responsibility for my life and put everything in order, I know that inner image of myself will skyrocket and it won’t be long before I have all the help I need!


1. It is in good habit to always start your projects thinking about them first. Take the 5-15 minutes necessary to write down what needs to be done. Brainstorm, doodle, list, organize. Use whatever format you need in order to process your project, thinking of every last detail that will need to be accomplished to get your project from beginning to completion.

2. Budget your time accordingly. How long is your project going to take? Be realistic in your assumptions. How long does it typically take to “clean the living room” 5, 10, 15 minutes… an hour? Be kind to yourself and realize that giving yourself time to do this is just as important as doing them. Take time for breaks. Having your time budgeted will give you a consistent work flow, and something to look forward to.

3. Decide on the tools you need to get the job done, and to store your things properly. Don’t be afraid to invest in supplies that will help you.

4. GET STARTED! Today is the day!

My Prayer Today,
Father God, give me the strength that I need to clean joyfully. Remind me to organize from within, that order starts in the heart. As I put You first, I know that I will be taken care of. The rank according to You is God, Spouse, Child, Self. I will embrace this today wholeheartedly, and will order my life accordingly. Thank you for giving me the back to work, the hands to build, and the mind to execute. YOU are all the order that I need, and as I apply you to my life I know that everything will come together. In Your Son Jesus’ name AMEN!

May the Lord God Bless you and give you and give you all the order that you need to succeed,

Love Always,


Today is day 5 in Jessica’s 365 Days to a Whole New Me, which she intends to publish at the end of the year. You can find all of Jessica’s previous “HOT Topics” at,


Today’s principle focus is on position and the strength that we have in the spiritual gift of humanity.

Scripture of the day: “What is man that you make so much of him, that you give him so much attention, that you examine him every morning and test him every moment? Will you never look away from me, or let me alone even for an instant?” Job 7:17-19

Today’s Positive Words of Affirmation and Encouraging Words to Live By: “Today, I will remember to stand tall and erect, in the strength that God has given me. I am not a mindless animal, nor a plant swaying in the breeze, I am a CHILD of GOD.(Romans 8:17)”

Where do I see myself on a scale of 1-10 in the area of “Position”? 8

Contrary to belief, your dog is not smarter than you are. As a matter of fact, if you put a full bag of dog food next to an empty bowl, unless the dog is starving to death and has figured out that he can rip open the bag, the dog will grow hungry. I can not tell you how many times our children have left our dogs dish empty, and I have found him staring at the bag next to the dish… HE NEEDS ME TO OPEN THE BAG AND POUR IT.

Cartoons, all-be-it originally designed to bring awareness to the earth and all of God’s creation, have shown us animals going beyond the predator vs prey instinct to a humanistic type creation. In cartoons with man and animals, an animal will always outwit a man, and in animal only cartoons, they talk to each other and get married and walk as humans. This is a myth, this is fantasy, YOUR DOG IS NOT SMARTER THAN YOU ARE.

I really feel it heavy on my heart today to encourage you that you have not been cursed into humanity, you have been blessed by it. Too often, we as Christian’s have such lofty ideas, that we begin to discount this gift of the flesh, in order to be like the wind. Attempting for spiritual exaltation to the point that we forget that God Himself had to come into “the flesh” in order to get things done with His people “His children”. We must find the spirit and flesh connection, and we must begin to assume that position. The word for the day.. “Our spirits are grounded by this flesh, and it is with this flesh that we are called to do the work of the Father.”


According to scripture, I am a “man with a womb”. Not only have I been given the gift of life, I have been given the gift of human life, and I have been given the added gift of being a man with a womb. The womb that I have, has brought forth five more human beings to glorify God. God has used the womb He gave me to bring more “men” into this world. As they grow, I will continue to teach them that they too have a position on this earth and they, unlike the beast, have the dominion and the brain, and the physical ability to build.

Too often in our spiritual quest of enlightenment, we begin to slouch in our bodies, seeing our flesh as cursed and unholy. We, yes, even us Charismatic Pentecostal Christians, begin to blame our flesh and hate our own skin. Today, is a day to focus on standing tall, and embracing the gift God gave you… HUMAN LIFE!

My Prayer Today,
Father God, I pray that you would show Your children that there is a symbiotic relationship between body and spirit. That even though we have a flesh, and are no longer identified by it, you gave us THE BEST VEHICLE FOR THE JOB. You didn’t create us as knuckle draggers, You created us in YOUR image, with POSITION. Your Word says that we are called to be found in the likeness of Christ, who was made “a little lower than the angels” (Heb 2:7) You have given us a PROMINENT POSITION in Your creation. Today, I pray that I would stand taller, work harder, and FORCE my body to do what my spirit directs it to do. Today, with Your strength, my body and spirit will walk in harmony. You created me to do something on this Earth, and together we WILL do it, with our HANDS. In Your Son Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

May the Lord God Bless you and give you a renewed spirit, heart, mind and body connection,

Love Always,



Did you know???


  • YOU are a UNIQUE creation! (Mark 10:6)
  • YOU are made up of 100 trillion cells, 206 bones, 600 muscles, and 22 internal organs. Every hour about 1 billion cells in the human body must be replaced.
  • YOU are an HEIR with HAIR! The average human head has about 100,000 hairs. “What is the price of two sparrows–one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered.” Matt 10:29-30 GOD CREATED YOU and knows YOU intimately!
  • YOU can decern! There are about 9,000 taste buds on the surface of the tongue, in the throat, and on the roof of the mouth. Only a man can choose the foods he wants to eat!
  • YOU can speak! The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue. No other creature can Praise God and speak to others about life, living, and worship.
  • YOU have thumbs and YOU can BUILD! Monkeys have thumbs on their feet as well as on their hands, which really helps in climbing trees (they can grab with their feet as well as with their hands). The human thumb is proportionately longer than apes and man can oppose his thumb to his fingers whereas apes and monkeys cannot. Without this uniquely designed hand, no ape could be a competent tool-using animal. The ape lacks the dexterity that humans enjoy.
  • YOU can form and express thoughts! The human brain weighs about 3 pounds. The brain of a human is normally two or three times larger than the brain of the largest ape, which is the gorilla.
  • YOU do not have a tail. What is a serpent.. but a tail?!! (Deut 28:13)
  • YOU stand erect! One fourthof the bones in your body are in your feet. Only man walks upright in an erect posture. Man can walk comfortably and naturally on two feet. This is his normal posture. Monkeys, apes, bears, chipmunks and other animals may occasionally walk on two feet, but this is not their normal mode of transportation. They usually move on all fours. Adam named the animals, as they passed in front of him.